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HITLER IS ALIVE?    (page 34)

Time Magazine, May 7, 1945
"Grocer named Augus Wilhelm Barholdy, whose face was his misfortune, looked lake the Fuhrer. Grocer Bartholdy had been carefully coaced and combed, then sent to Berlin to die in the barricades." "He will act as Hitler's trump card, creating a hero legend around the Fuhrer's death, while Hitler himself goes underground." "To fasten the hoax on posteritty, phoographic reporter for the Reich, Heinrich Hoffman, would be on hand to film Hitler's last moment on the battlefield."

MAE: Hitler never committed suicide.Alleged time of death, 3:30 p.m. April 30, 1945. Identified at airport, taking off for Norway, 4:14 p.m., 4/30/45. Taken to Tempelhof airfield with Eva Braun-Hitler. First flown to Denmark, then to Norway. Destination: Antarctica. Admiral Byrd located the Secret Base, Hitler's Shang-ri-la."


Financing for Nazi continuation done by forgery experts, collected in Berlin by code name "BERNHARD".

"German made American dollars and British pounds were taken to one of Switzerland's largest banks and identified as genuine."

Untold millions were printed."

"The entire Reichsbank Treasury, all of Germany's reserves, disappeared from the bank vaults in Berlin before the end of the war."

World Monetary Fund Headquarters, Basle, Switzerland, where they found THAT 15 BILLION DOLLARS WERE IN CIRCULATION WHICH SHOULD NOT REALLY EXIST."