Bibliography Sheet for Tape #350/351 Sept. 1, 1978   Side 2

House Select Commitee, Rev.
M.L. King murder, James Earl
Ray testimony. 8/78

House Select Committee, Rev. Martin Luther King's assassination, Testimony of James Earl Ray
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Congressman Stokes: "About the car, Rosen, what would that tell us about Raoul?"

James Earl Ray: "I found out about his correct name, Rosenson, from an attorney in Memphis, Merchant J. Ryan, and he went down and got the transcript from the fifth circuit archives and I threw it away because the only thing I wanted to know was the fact that Rosenson was a pauper but he had three or four expensive attornies from New Orleans. And later Mr. Ryan told me Mr. Rosenson was an FBI informer.. so I THINK THINGS LIKE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOOKED INTO and I don't know if they ever were or not."


Drunk "witness" to man leaving rooming house where Ray's rifle was left under the bed. Star witness if Ray had a trial.


"Saw a man much shorter than Ray, weighing no more than 125 lbs. Grace locked in "mental" institution for ten years.
FRAME-UP, Harold Weisburg (see other side)
References to Charles, Grace Stephens, pages 24-6, 28, 31, 151, 163-64, 166, 233-34, 294, 328, 338, 354, 389, 396, 419, 433-7, 505, 160, 294, 338, 436-7, 505.

Mr. Wilson, Witness who saw James Earl Ray at the service station at the time Rev. Martin Luther King was shot, died Aug. 5, 1978, TWO WEEKS BEFORE THE HOUSE SELECT COMMITTEE HEARINGS.

QUESTION: WHY DID MARK LANE, ATTORNEY FOR JAMES EARL RAY, REFER TO "Grace Walden" before the committee, without demanding her testimony that a man other than James Earl Ray was leaving the rooming house?

Mark Lane is leaving Los Angeles, Calif. and moving to Memphis, Tenn. Grace Walden will accompany him and move back again to Tenn.