Mae Brussell's World Watchers International
Bibliography sheet for tape #385 April 20, 1979   Side 1


10th Annual Festival, Davis Campus, Calif. May 4, 5, 6, University of Calif.
Mae Brussell, Main Stage, Sat., May 5, 6:30 - 7:15 p.m.
Seminar to follow. Subject "TOOLS OF TRANSFORMATION".

COUNTERSPY, P.O. Box 647, Ben Franklin Station, Wash. D.C. 20044
"Colonia Dignidad", Counterspy, Dec. 1978, Konrad Ege.


Agricultural commune, self contained hospital, schools. Christian organization, formed in West Germany, moved to Chile.

DINA, Chilean Secret Police, use Colonia Dignidad for torture, experimentations on pain, interrogation,, extermination, insanity.

CIA, West Germany put fascism into control of Chile. CIA, Nazis, closely aligned with South Africa, Chile projects.

Henry Kissinger, German, formed SATO, South Africa Treaty Org. to "stem tide of destabilization" in South Africa, Latin America.

NATO, companion project, also organized by Nazis, Germans and CIA.

Democracy of USA, West Germany at home a front for fascism, exploitation, imperialism, racism, murder, torture elsewhere.

AFTERMATH,    Ladislas Farago, Page 466

"Nazi war criminal Martin Bormann, moved to Chile and stayed at Colonia Dignidad during the early 60's".

Tape #379, March 9, 1979
This would be the time Bormann was assisting Gehlen agent Clay Shaw, New Orleans, in assassination President J.F. Kennedy. Shaw was arranging for final, fatal head shot. Oswald to be set up as the patsy.

"Das Reich", an organization of Nazis in exile, had their center at Colonia Dignidad, Chile.

TAPE #281, Aug. 15, 1977
I asked if the Nazi-Permindex school for assassins had been moved from Oaxaca, Mexico to Jonestown, Guyana? Similarities between Jonestown and Colonia Dignidad, names, agents, countries, and agencies should be explored much further.

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