Bibliography sheet for tape #386 April 27, 1979   Side 2

and Colonia Dignidad, C.D.

 C.D.   "Income" from being an orphanage, money from private families.
 J.   "Income" from poor, welfare children. 1/4 Jonestown under 16 yrs.
 C.D.   Dan Mitrione worked with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay police.
 J.   Jones from Richmond, Ind., Mitrione hometown, and in Brazil 1962-63.
 C.D.   Hermann Schmidt director of Colonia Dignidad.
 J.   Lawrence Schact sole Dr. at Jonestown. Background, Houston, Tex.
 C.D.   Guards kept people inside. Police armed.
 J.   Guards kept people inside, Barbed wire, guns, dogs.
 C.D.   Escape impossible. Argentina would catch runaways. Or protect.
 J.   Escape impossible. Venezuela would catch runaways. Or protect.
 C.D.   Private airport, privacy from larger city for all operations.
 J.   Private airport. Could move people, drugs, victims.
 C.D.   Funding from West Germany.
 J.   Funding from West Germany, Britain, USA.
 C.D.   Wooden boxes for torture, experimentation. Living tombs.
 J.   Wooden boxes for punishment, torture. Underground.
 C.D.   Once delivered, Chile, no way out. Where are the German "orphans?"
 J.   Once delivered passports taken away, no money, no phones, isolated.
 C.D.   Overt use was "agricultural, cattle farm".
 J.   1978 brochures, "agricultural farm, bulls, pigs, chickens, rabbits."
 C.D.   Use of drugs to drive people insane or to make them behave.
 J.   Use of drugs to make them behave, lobotomies, come quiet.
 C.D.   1958, Bible study group, Paul Schaefer, Germany, "Christian Community"
 J.   1958, Jones, Indiana, starting Bible studies, "Christian Community".
 C.D.   1960, Heide, West Germany, Private Sociale Mission opened.
 J.   1962-1963, Jones in Brazil, with CIA, "Missionary work".
 C.D.   Approved, recognized by West German Ministry for Family Affairs.
 J.   Approved by Indianapolis, Jones Director of Human Rights Commission.
 C.D.   On the surface, German Mission a benevolent society. Actually an "entangling web of repressions".
 J.   On the surface, love and brotherhood. Actually racist, hateful.
 C.D.   Paul Schaefer, leader, brainwashed, took confessions, controlled.
 J.   Jim Jones, leader, brainwashed, took confessions, controlled.
 C.D.   Schaefer arrested in Germany, 1960, sexually abusing children.
 J.   Jones arrested in L.A., 1973, lewd, homosexual conduct in public.