Mae Brussell's World Watchers International
Bibliography sheet for tape #402 August 17, 1979   Side 1


  The murder of William Morgan, writer, for revealing secrets of the Free Masons. Hitler to fight Masons as well as Jews later.

  Mormon Church, Joseph Smith, Revelations. Now the repository for all our lives, front for CIA, computer-fed data banks.

  U.S. Civil War. Southern industry destroyed to block further wars. South turned to Armaments, Soldiers. Turned against it's monster. Their revenge only coming to fruit with 1980 elections.

  Czar Alexander II and USA, President Abraham Lincoln, working to advance Russian technology. Standard oil, USA, British Empire, Royal Dutch Shell to be threatened. Want Russia subdued.

  Nobel family, gunpowder and other inventions, danger to British fleets in Baltic, Crimean War.

  Robert Nobel established in Baku, Russia, building pipelines, railroads, storage for oil. First oil tankers. Baron Von Mohrenschildt, father of George, Oswald's friend, in charge.

  Standard Oil, USA, gains national ascendancy of oil market.

  German secret cults forming. Anti-semitic, nationalistic. Pan German movement VOLKISCH, interest on occultism. This movement never ended. Strong today. Strength behind Hitler.


Cecil Rhodes, S. Africa, controlled 90% of world's diamond supply. Formed Round Table, Great Britain, secret society.

Rockefeller, Standard oil, started funding University of Chicago.

  Rockefeller Medical Institute, Rockefeller U. New York. Oil baron now in "medicine, education." Our institutions of learning and health began to be controlled by industry.

  First Russian uprisings, revolutions, hints of future. Japan wiped out Russian fleet, believed they could be conquered.

  Russia, Great Britain, France planning containment of Germany. Russians wanted Dardanelles, France wanted to restore Alsace and Lorrain, iron mines and coal, Britain their empire holdings. Germany building a navy that threatened British supremacy.

  Col. House, Texas, in Britain with Herbert Hoover. Round Table conspirators. Would defeat Woodrow Wilson's goals later.

 1908 -
  W. Buckley Sr. in Mexico City for Rothchild's Shell, Rockefeller oil.

(Side 2)