1. Isolated Prisons and Prison Military Hospitals


Need for "Nike missile bases, removed from UCLA,
located in the Santa Monica Mountains for future brain


Isolated on 42 acres, all white guards, to bring prisoners
from 50 states, no controls or ombudsmen.
For the purpose of "behavior modification" and mind
experiments of isolated prisoners.


Located on San Diego-Mexican border. $160,000 asked
for outdated, large dungeons. Adjacent to planned
mammoth airport, similar to Dallas-Ft. Worth. Away from
families. Could be used for transporting large masses of
the population.


$105,000,000 most expensive hospital in the USA, already
admitting a "one room treatment center, not accepted at
this time". 82 isolated acres.

2. Political, Game Plan for the Third World

L.A. Star, October 1973

3. Westbrook, Colston, "Prime Chicks", New York Times, 6-6-74

4. Underemployment of the SLA

Lee Harvey Oswald secured a job for $310 per month at Love Air
Field, Dallas, Texas, as a cargo handler. Oswald accepted a job at
the Texas School Book Depository instead for $208.82 per month.

The fatal motorcade of President John F. Kennedy was to pass
directly in front of the School Book Depository one month later.

W. Coleman and W. D. Slawson, attorneys for the Warren
Commission, wrote their co-workers that "standing alone, these two
facts indicate Oswald may have had a non economic reason for
taking the job at the Depository".

5. Westbrook, Colston, training with CIA; Documentation from Citizens
Research and Investigation Committee, CRIC.

6. Wheeler, Thero, Mary Alice Siem

Philip Hager, Los Angeles Times, August 1973.

7. Importation of Nazis; Formation of the CIA

Lansby, Clarence, Project Paperclip, Athenium Press, 1971.

Torbitt, William, Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal.

Unpublished manuscript, outline of the John Kennedy
assassination, November 22, 1973.

8. Murders in California Prisons

Borst, Jerry Lee, "When, Where, What and Who, but Not Why",
Berkeley Barb, California 6-21-74, 6-28-74, P.O. Box 1247, Berkeley.

9. Double of Donald DeFreeze, Zodiac News Service, 4-18-74, 4-26-74.

10. Cobra, White Aryan News, August-September 1974. "Power to the Cobra"

Greenlee, Sam, "The Spook Who Sat By The Door", written by CIA
author, refers to "symbiology", uses the cobra insignia.

TFP, Defense of Tradition and Family, surfaced after 20 years
planning in Brazil. Military right, anti-communist organization. Use
of snake as insignia, power to the church.

11. Shoot outs to Affect Juries

California trials of radicals are affected by provocateur and police
assisted violence at the time of jury selection. By coincidence, John
Ehrlichman wanted a new trial in Washington, D.C. because of the
"hostages" taken in the court at the time of his trial. Covert
operations plant these to cause fear during trials. Ehrlichman tried to
turn this to his advantage.

SLA surfaced in the Bay Area just when the San Quentin Six were
going on trial for the murder of guards and inmates at the time
George Jackson was slain. Indictments have been dropped on this
case. There was no way of knowing this would happen, and acts of
violence were being attributed to connections with the "freeing of the
San Quentin Six".

Ruchell Maggee, defendant with Angela Davis in the Marin County
Court shoot out, has been in court during the SLA background.

Two days before the Soledad Brothers were to be tried for allegedly
killing a guard, murders took place in the Marin Court House.

James Carr, long target of the Los Angeles Police Department was
murdered in San Jose at the time of Angela Davis's trial. The media
tried to make connections between Carr, Angela, George Jackson as
an excuse for his murder by contract.

One man hired to make a "jailbreak" at the time Angela Davis was
being tried, revealed out this plot was "to frighten the jury". Another
inmate was killed just for that purpose in the planned "escape".
Monterey Peninsula Herald, 8-14-1972.

12. Rash of Kidnappings known to be under questionable circumstances.

2-1-73 Reg. Murphy, Georgia, $700,000
2-3-74 George Jackson, Florida, $30,000
3-4-74 Ben Maidenburg, Ohio, $2,000,000 "feed poor"
3-8-74 John Galzadilla, New York, $50,000
3-9-74 Betty Ann Van Valenva, Virginia, $25,000
3-19-74 Eunice Kronholm, Minnesota, $200,000
3-16-74 Robbie Richard, Oakland, CA, $100,000
3-20-74 Princess Ann, $2,000,000 - $3,000,000 "feed the poor"
3-27-74 Maria Theresa Alonzo, Louisiana, $250,000
4-11-74 Marshall Groom, Virginia, $65,000
4-21-74 John Teehee, Jr., California, "SLA $300,000,000"
4-22-74 Van R. Bush, room-mate of Patty Hearst's cousin
4-29-74 Albert Dantzler, Florida, $60,000
5-8-74 S. F. Mayor J. Alioto, kidnapping "scare" of grandchildren
5-10-74 Marshall Jones, California, 3 weeks old, "sitter Patty"
5-17-74 Ardis Graham, Minnesota, $50,000
6-5-74 Lora Jean Hingel, Driven to Ft. Worth, TX from California
6-14-74 Dora Perry, Florida, asleep in car, driven 60 miles

13. Oil from Arab countries

"Oil swindle tip led to arrests in kidnapping of Reg Murphy". UPI,
Los Angeles Times, 2-25-74.

Saudi Arabian embassy address located in diary of W. Williams,
kidnapper of Murphy. Also included name of right wing leader.

"SLA Arab Nation offers to blow up domestic oil facilities". CRIC, ibid

14. Litton Industries, Roy Ash, Conduit of funds for Greek Coup d'etat

CIA money sent to promote military takeover in Greece.

Roy Ash, director of Litton Industries, diverted $43,000,000 of U.S. tax
money from books at Hughes Aircraft to form Litton Industries. Ask
controls the Office of Management Budget, heads Domestic Council.
This body cuts off money for the legal aid of poor, reducing domestic
needs at all levels, while approving and escalating defense contracts
and warfare budgets. Little receives millions in Government
contracts and adds large cost overruns. Poverty programs and
welfare programs watched for any mismanagement and use of
funds, while warfare industries allowed to spend over their
allotments by the billions.

15. Nazi doctors and American Psychiatry

a. Intellectual Digest, January 1974, David Rorvik, "Behavior
Control; Big Brother Comes"

b. Dr. Schwitzgebel, Research on the "loss of the will and intellect"

c. Rand Studies; 1967 "The War Will Come Home", "Command and
Control Technologies"

d. Transponders are electric controls surgically placed inside
prisoners bodies. To be used on parolees, bailees, or recidivists.
They can't be removed. Now being installed at Dananora Prison, N.Y.
on some Attica Brothers. The men are being drugged into
submission, forced to give permission for the transponders, and are
"coming out like vegetables".


The Lanterman-Petris-Short Act of 1969 has to be repealed.

Former mental patients and former prisoners medical records,
hidden behind this act, conceal illegal surgeries now taking place.
Inmates being induced through surgery and chemistry to provoke or
commit violent acts. Excuse is "to protect the patient".

Medical records of Lawrence Kwong, "former mental patient" who
murdered then killed himself, are a guarded secret. This San
Francisco murder/suicide, if properly investigated, would break open
the current manipulation of persons causing "violence" in California.

17. Contract to kill Sirhan Sirhan

Eugene Wrangell, alias Vladimir Alexander Zatco, has been placed in
San Quentin for the purposes of murdering Shirhan Sirhan. When he
wrote to Judge McBride about this "offer" Zateo was then tortured,
drugged, and is currently put tight away. The month to kill Sirhan,
according to Zatco, was allegedly delivered by E. Howard Hunt and
Richard Nixon. The White House and CIA does not want the Robert
Kennedy conspiracy opened up.

18. Chemical Warfare, CIA, 1972. President John Kennedy's reactions. New
York Times, 4-26-74, 4-28-74

19. Dieldren given to school lunch programs, Detroit, Chicago. New York
Times, 3-38-74

20. Christine Johnson knew in advance SLA coming to her house, "met with
SLA, expected them to arrive".
Newsweek, June 3, 1974.

21. Patty "went off in a blue and white van".
Los Angeles Times, 5-20-74.

22. "Patty and Anita Alcala"
Robert Kistler, Bill Hazlett, "Patricia Hearst Charged with U.S. Firearms
violations". Los Angeles Times, 5-21-74

23. "$12.6 million acres California desert cut off from road traffic". The Bureau
of Land Management "arbitrarily closed off the land";
explained as "the cold harsh hand of federal bureaucracy".
San Jose Mercury, 11-2-73.

Nutritional Review, Vol. 27, Walters, Charles, "The Anatomy of
"In the Nevada desert, there are some 20 square acres of land so
contaminated to testing of nuclear weapons they will be off limits to human
beings for the next 24,000 years", so states the AEC reports.

24. Marin County Court Shoot Out: Tackwood, Louis, The Glass House
Tapes, Avon, New York, 1974.

25. Tranquilizers that remain, not in bloodstream. "Abnormalities in electrical
activity of the brain persist for a month after
withdrawal. All traces in blood disappear within hours or a few days".
UPI, San Jose Mercury, 7-4-74.

26. CIA is anxious for domestic action.
Marchetti, Victor, Computers and Automation, February 1972.