part IV

by Mae Brussell

(14) Why did Colston Westbrook delay in telling police he knew Joseph Remiro and Russell Little?

Westbrook was teaching at U.C. Berkeley.

Two members of his former group at Vacaville were arrested for allegedly murdering Dr. Foster.

There were pictures taken of the SLA group at Vacaville that Westbrook could have produced immediately.

It was alleged that Westbrook himself used to speak against Dr. Foster at Vacaville.

When Remiro and Little were arrested, and the SLA issued their "death warrants" and "Declaration of War," did Westbrook go immediately to the police and tell them how well he knew these men and women?

Did the police inform Westbrook that the "leader" of his prison group, Donald DeFreeze, had escaped almost a year earlier?

Did the police tell Westbrook that Thero Wheeler, another group member, escaped from Vacaville in August, 1973? Two prison escapees, two alleged murderers, and there was silence?

Given the evidence at Sutherland Court, and the four men involved, the kidnapping of Patty Hearst could have been prevented.

(15) The police department supplies weapons for terrorism

Beginning in August, 1973, money and weapons were supplied to the SLA on a regular basis. The supplier attempted to involve Chicano, American Indian and black prison reformers with the SLA.

Unguarded U.S. Army arsenals supply left and right-wing radicals. In an eventual shootout, the army will back up the right-wing.

(16) Did Dr. Hacker tell Randolph Hearst he had known Donald DeFreeze?

The official CIA psychiatrist-in-residence, Dr. Fredric Hacker, author and "expert" on provocateur violence, acted as an advisor to Randolph Hearst.

Hacker's claim to fame was a book about the Olympic Games massacre of Israeli athletes. Germans and Americans killed the Israeli men. Hacker's book did not analyze the violence of the Germans and Americans who had killed the israelis. Instead, it analyzed the violence of the Arab "terrorists" who had taken the Israelis as hostages.

Dr. Hacker was the psychiatrist assigned to Donald DeFreeze on November 21, 1968, while DeFreeze worked for the LA PD as an informer.

(17) Why have the FBI and the police concealed evidence-of Arab oil money offered to the SLA to provoke bombings?

The LAPD knows $1,000,000 of Arab money was offered to the SLA. The purpose? To cause bombings. The result? To crack down on terrorists, and to link the terrorists to international guerrilla movements.

William Williams, arrested for kidnapping Peg Murphy, had an address book in his pocket. The name of the Saudi Arabian Embassy was in the book. A diary indicated that Williams had communicated with both the Saudi Arabian Embassy and a right-wing political leader, J. B. Stoner, head of the ultra-conservative States Rights Party.

(18) Are other police connections with the SLA part of the conspiracy?

Amanda de Normanville has been named as a woman Donald DeFreeze lived with when he left Soledad prison. A former student at U.C. Berkeley, Amanda studied at the School of Criminology. Why didn't police seek this person? Compare the favoritism shown to certain SLA contacts, to the San Bernardino trials regarding Ronald Beaty's escape from prison.

Four persons who assisted in Beaty's escape were found guilty of a wide range of charges, including murder, because a guard was murdered when Beaty escaped. But the murder of a black man, Dr. Marcus Foster, does not result in any charges being pressed against the SLA. And harboring a prison escapee is not a crime if you are working with the SLA.

Tony Shepard, salesman at Mel's Sporting Goods Store in Inglewgod, provided the feeble explanation for the LAPD knowing that the SLA had come to town.

Police agents had actually lured the SLA to their death trap.

The Shepard scene was meant to provide a convincing dramatic sequence, one that we might accept, provided we did not think about it too carefully.

When William Harris allegedly stole a pair of socks, Shepard took him outside the building and put a handcuff on one of his wrists. Emily (or William) left her registered gun in the store.

Shepard is a student in Police Science, and he just happened to have a pair of handcuffs with him. The robbery was a $.45 pair of white socks.

Was this scene pre-arranged between the LAPD and Harris?

Thero Wheeler, the missing black man in the Hearst kidnapping, has a brother who works on the San Francisco Police Force.

DeFreeze suspected Wheeler, and almost killed him.

Wheeler is "not politically like DeFreeze," which means that Wheeler is the opposite of "radical," if you accept the premise that DeFreeze was radicalized.

Wheeler is not charged with Patty Hearst's kidnapping, and his name is barely mentioned. Did he work with the police and against DeFreeze?

(19) How could the police not search for escaped convict Donald DeFreeze for eleven months?

DeFreeze had an elite group of tutors at Vacaville for two years. White college graduates, teachers and "friends" were employed in Berkeley-Oakland-San Francisco.
Each visitor to prison must present complete identification, including driver's license, address and social security number.

Russell Little, Robyn Steiner and other SLA members corresponded with Soledad Prison on DeFreeze's behalf, asking for his early parole.

DeFreeze was allowed to use the marital trailers with visiting women friends at Soledad Prison.

In March, 1973, Donald DeFreeze walked out of Soledad, and had clothing and transportation waiting for him. He didn't go back to Los Angeles. He didn't go back to Ohio, to his wife and family.

DeFreeze went directly to the Bay Area, where he lived for eleven months with his former friends, and the police never looked for him.

Black men living with white women are still conspicuous to the racist police.

Black men joining Venceremos, offering to be a "hit man" and suggesting murders, are highly conspicuous.

(20) Did the San Francisco police ever look for Thero Wheeler after he left Vacaville Medical Facility?

Donald DeFreeze walked out of Soledad in March, 1973.

Thero Wheeler, the second prisoner who knew members of the SLA, walked out of Vacaville in August, 1973.

Didn't law enforcement think these men might meet again on the outside?

Wheeler and DeFreeze both stayed with former friends and visitors from their prison days, and also met each other frequently.

(21) Why does the repressive California Department of Corrections encourage the study of Maoist books, revolutionary handfist salutes and radical revolutionary dialogue?

Colston Westbrook bragged that he brought "chicks" into the BCA classes to bait the men, their appeal being greater than that of "communism." Since when is communism a subject to be taught in prison -- and by a career CIA man, at that?

At the present time, the Department of Corrections is encouraging the study of Maoist literature in prison. If violence is committed after these men "escape" or are paroled, the "foreign influence" will be blamed.

(22) Donald DeFreeze had assistance when he left Soledad Prison. Two men were on his ease. Transportation was waiting for him.

DeFreeze was stationed alone in the boiler room, at the unguarded South Facility, late at night. An hour later, he was gone.

Another inmate at Soledad was told that his classification would be changed to minimum if be would work in the boiler room with DeFreeze.

"A custody reduction chrono was given to me to have my boss sign so I could move to South where I would be allowed to escape and join Don DeFreeze and members. I went for reduction in August,'73, but I refused to do this for the fact I realized I was being set up along with DeFreeze. Classification results are in my central file to prove I refused to let my custody be dropped to minimum.
"On April 18th, 1973, a letter changing this prisoner's records was completed referring to five months previous work inside the boiler room."

That date coincides with the entry of DeFreeze into Soledad from Vacaville Medical Facility in December, 1972.

James Earl Ray, another famous inmate, was allowed to leave a Missouri prison. A "safe-house" prison trailer was waiting for him nearby. Eleven months later, James Earl Ray was named as the assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King. James Earl Ray had been carefully set up as a patsy.

So was Donald DeFreeze.

(23) Did the police and the California Department of Corrections know where the SLA members were? How hard did they push to recruit for the SLA?

On March 26, 1974, an inmate at Soledad was offered a chance to "escape" if he would kill inmate Jerry Lee Johnson, join an outside organization -- the SLA -- and act as an informer for the state. The prison committee who approached him consisted of a Mr. Martel, a Mr. Dobuff and a Mr. Mac Endrec. Their orders came down from either Deputy Superintendent Morris or Associate Superintendent Marquez.

The catalytic activities the prison officials wanted the prisoner to help out with included "collaboration with officials; instigate tactics used to stir up racial disruptions, promote 'tips' and control the population to instill a constant sense of fear and apprehension."

Did the FBI and the police know where Patty Hearst was in March, 1974, if they were asking prisoners to join the SLA?

Did they want a "larger army" to be used for future propaganda?

(24) Donald DeFreeze worked with Ron Karenga and the Criminal Conspiracy Section of the LAPD. Isn't it more than a coincidence that two of their co-workers walked out of San Quentin in March, 1974?

"Dear Mom and Dad,

The prison system is going through a strong repressive stage and we know for certain that we will do another five years or more. We love you more than you can ever imagine."

-- George Steiner, age 27
-- Larry Steiner, age 26

The Steiner brothers were serving time in San Quentin together for murdering two Black Panthers on the UCLA campus. Ron Karenga, Donald DeFreeze and the Steiner brothers had all worked for the LAPD.

A lengthy note was left by the bed, in a visitors' cottage outside the walls of San Quentin, where convicted murderers George and Larry had been kindly allowed to stay overnight with their parents in March, 1974. It is possible that their "escape" was conveniently timed to allow them to help set up their old co-worker, DeFreeze, back in Los Angeles.

No one is looking for the Steiner brothers, either.

(25) Why the discrepancy in the diagnosis of Donald DeFreeze?

In 1970, Donald DeFreeze wanted to "confess," and end a life of running from the police -- or working with them. The LAPD's CCS "cut him loose," and sent him to Chino Men's Facility for a diagnosis.

Medical reports at Chino described DeFreeze as "disorganized; had impaired social adjustment; was a schizoid personality, passive-aggressive, needs 24-hour program of treatment."

DeFreeze was sent on to Vacaville Medical Facility.

For 2 years at Vacaville, DeFreeze was befriended by a highly educated, socially elite group of visitors and tutors: college graduates, two "professors" and graduate students. They met with him twice a week.

There is no mention of any unusual behavior, depression or lack of organization when DeFreeze participated in the Black Cultural Organization, or later, when he led his own group, "Unisight."

How did he make this miraculous recovery?

DeFreeze spent four months at Soledad. He was not considered dangerous. He was allowed to work unguarded, and he showed no aggressive behavior or disorganization.

DeFreeze's prison and medical records have probably all been removed and been destroyed by now.

For eleven months, DeFreeze lived with members of the SLA in the Berkeley area. Emily Harris was "in love" with him. Mizmoon was "in love" with him. His depression and his "schizoid personality" seem to have vanished.

Was the original diagnosis exaggerated to provide the excuse to send him to Vacaville, where his mind could be altered and programmed?

DeFreeze had to be murdered so that the image of the violent man would remain in our minds. Given the chance, Charles Manson and DeFreeze might have surprised the public by refuting the CIA psychiatrists' diagnoses. They have different personalities than the ones that the media projected of them.

(26) Why are CIA and police intelligence agents stationed inside the prisons? Was the purpose to promote stiffer legislation?

British and U.S. Intelligence share the same agents and the same techniques. British agent Kenneth Littlejohn surfaced recently and explained how and why British Intelligence come down upon the Irish.

The CIA uses the same strategy in the U.S.

Lady Onslow, an English countess, visited prisoners often as part of her espionage assignment. She was the link between prison inmates, military intelligence, and the English "dirty tricks" department. Kenneth Littlejohn was hired to commit a bank robbery and a murder. He worked with Lady Onslow. The purpose of his assignments was to provoke stiffer legislation by the British against the Irish. The espionage agents are disguised to make their attacks appear to come from the "enemy."

(27) The House Internal Security Committee of the U.S. Congress becomes an expert on the SLA.

In February, 1974, the Committee had already linked the SLA with every radical group on the West Coast, including prisoners.

How can they maintain these lies in the face of overwhelming evidence that the U.S. military worked with police to create the SLA?

(28) U.S. Army identification of William Harris.

Harris served in the Marines in Vietnam before he finished college. Would he still be carrying and using his military ID card five years later?

When was the last time he used this card? Were the supplies to maintain Patricia Hearst and the SLA obtained at the Marine bases?

(29) Proximity to the FBI.

Camilla Hall withdrew her $1,565 from a bank located acre the street from the FBI. Twenty-five days after the Hearst kidnapping, Camilla felt safe enough to do that. The FBI knew she had an account at the bank. The Central Bank at 2187 Shattuck Ave. failed to notify the FBI of the withdrawal. The FBI didn’t ask bank officials for help. They asked doctors. Money for SLA tactical support was more important. It allowed the "army" to continue their escalation of episodes as directed.

The two rented getaway cars used in the Hibernia Bank robbery were left nine blocks from the FBI offices.

The red and white van purchased for the SLA getaway to Los Angeles was bought a few blocks from the FBI offices.

The SLA safe-house, decorated for our benefit with the Cobra mural, graffiti and filth, was 14 blocks from the FBI offices. Six of nine of the SLA lived there, rode a bicycle and did their marketing at the local stores for six weeks.

The SLA safe-house that produced the famous planted Urban Guerrilla Mini-Manual by Marighela, was conveniently located one block from the Oakland police and FBI offices.

(30) Is the creation of the SLA by the CIA part of a plan for future genocide? How closely does the SLA script follow the King Alfred Plan?

John Williams, in The Man Who Cried I Am, included who purported to be a National Security Council plan to exterminate all black people. It was called "The King Alfred Plan." The creation and activities of the SLA appear to follow the King Alfred Plan.

In the King Alfred Plan, the United States was divided into districts. Joseph Remiro wanted the Vietnam veterans to help toward legislation separating non-whites into their own geographical area.

Both the King Alfred Plan and the SLA wanted to eliminate black leaders.

The SLA list of assassinations to follow the murder of Dr. Foster included Huey Newton, Bobby Seale and Richard Foster, an educator instrumental in ending segregation in the Bay Area. Does the Marcus Wayne Chenault death list have links to the King Alfred Plan and the SLA?

In June, 1974, Chenault, a black college graduate, flew from Ohio to Georgia and murdered Mrs. Martin Luther King Sr. in an Atlanta Church. The papers said Chenault "had a list of people to murder. The list included Rev. Ralph Abernathy, Hosea Williams, head of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, Rev. Jesse Jackson, head of the Chicago-based Operation Push, and singer Aretha Franklin, who had contributed to the Angela Davis Defense Fund.

The FBI is purposely concealing five other names that were on the death list.

The SLA wanted to kill black leaders. Marcus Chenault told Martin Luther King Sr. of a "whole army" dedicated to killing black leaders. The cover story is that they want to kill "false black leaders." If every prominent black leader in civil rights is slated for extinction, who then are the "true" leaders -- police informers like Donald DeFreeze?

When Martin Luther King was murdered, Howard Hughes said, "I know this is not a very praiseworthy point of view, but I feel the Negroes have already made enough progress to last the next one hundred years, and there is such a thing as overdoing it."

Charles Colson and other witnesses have revealed that Howard Hughes is the CIA. Colson said that Hughes is the largest private contractor for the CIA. As such, he controls the White House and the National Security Council.

Is it the plan of ITT and the Hughes empire to employ espionage agents, directed by the CIA, to exterminate blacks across the country?

Whites are painting their faces black to commit acts of violence. How many blacks are being taught, compelled or programmed to frame or murder blacks? William O'Neal, working for the FBI, framed and set up Fred Hampton. Chris Thompson, Thero Wheeler and Colston Westbrook are black, too.

They helped lead DeFreeze to his death. Don't they know their own deaths will follow not far behind? One of the reasons Louis Tackwood left the LAPD was because he was aware of their racism and their desire for a police state. Tackwood knew that after he had served their purposes, they would murder him.

(31) California Attorney General Evelle Younger: Military and FBI Connections; Links with Donald DeFreeze and a National Conspiracy.

Evelle Younger is an Air Force Major General, trained in Counter-lntelligence, and a member of the FBI.

The LAPD's Criminal Conspiracy Section is under Younger's direction.

As Los Angles District Attorney, Younger was directly responsible for concealing the identity of the real assassin of Robert Kennedy. Sirhan Sirhan was the chosen patsy who did not commit the murder.

Every major conspiracy in the California Police Departments and prison system is directly linked to Younger and the National Security Council in Washington. D.C.

One reason Younger has pushed so hard for the death penalty and the deaths of political radicals is because their murders would help conceal larger Conspiracies.

Evelle Younger was called as a witness for Donald De Freeze in 1970.

Did the Attorney General tell Randolph Hearst of his working relations with DeFreeze earlier?

Will he have more to say about the SLA when its last three members are dead?

(32) Comparisons of how the police and the prisons treat their selected agents and how they treat genuine radicals.

Ruchell Magee was charged with armed kidnapping in 1963. Evelle Younger keeps after Magee with a vengeance. The prison system wants to keep Magee ineligible for parole.

But the Steiner brothers, DeFreeze, James Garske and other police agents are eligible for parole. Shooting police officers, murdering, kidnapping and armed robbery are not considered obstacles to parole -- if the right people are behind you.

(33) Why do police supply weapons to black radicals?

On December 6, 1967, Donald DeFreeze turned his partner, Ronald Coleman, over to the LAPD. DeFreeze and Coleman had a cache of 200 weapons, stolen from a surplus store. Police knew the guns were intended for a black nationalist group, the US Organization.

Two years later, DeFreeze exchanged gunshots with a bank guard and was wounded. The gun he used in the shootout was a .32 caliber Berretta automatic pistol. There is evidence that this gun was one of 200 stolen guns turned in to the police in '67.

With all the editorials about the causes of violence and terrorism, the basic cause is always omitted: the police and prison guards who supply the weapons.

(34) U.S. Attorney General William Saxbe

The Justice Department has been covering up criminal conspiracies for the past fifteen years.

William Saxbe of Ohio said he would close the Kent State investigation if he were appointed Attorney General.

There is no safety in ending wiretapping and electronic surveillance alone. Agents provocateurs should be illegal. As long as the top U.S. law enforcement official attempts to cover up a national conspiracy like the SLA, then he must be considered part of the plan.

Saxbe stirs the fire of fear with quotes from planted documents. He has inherited John Mitchell's role from the Pentagon.

The Attorney General should be confronted with the evidence of the SLA conspiracy. He should be removed from office if he continues to try to cover it up.

(35) Admiral Ford? Or Vice President Ford?

Gerald Ford, a member of the infamous Warren Commission, condemned the "crime by revolutionaries in California."

Ford praised the L.A. police for their excellent response to a "murderous group of self-proclaimed revolutionaries."

This is the same man who signed his name to a fictitious document called The Warren Report. Lee Harvey Oswald was described in The Warren Report as a "self-proclaimed" Communist. Gerald Ford had known from the very first meeting of the Warren Commission that Lee Harvey Oswald was an espionage agent of the U.S. government, and an FBI informer as well. Portrait of The Assassin, Gerald Ford's own book, opens with the important information about Oswald's backaround.

(36) President Richard M. Nixon

At a time when Patty Hearst's life was in danger, and she was in the hands of her kidnappers, Richard Nixon got into the act. He asked for "death to the kidnappers." With limited alternatives, the SLA might have murdered.

The police, the FBI and the President egged the abductors on, letting them know that they might as well go through with the murder; they would not live anyway.

Remember that this is the same President who said "Charles Manson is guilty," while Manson's trial was taking place. Manson never entered the Sharon Tate home on the night of the murders. Police intelligence agents did. Charles Watson wrote "Death to the pigs" in blood on the door, hoping Black Panthers would be blamed for the murder. Who moved the bodies around after the "Manson family" departed?

(37) FBI bait for the provocateurs

FBI Director Charles Bates offered what amounted to immunity if William and Emily Harris wanted to surface.

"So far, the Harrises were not overtly involved in any of these incidents."

-- Charles Bates, 6-10-74

The favoritism that police, prison guards and law enforcement show towards espionage agents is identical to the special treatment Watergate defendents are receiving. If any one thing proves that the CIA is behind the SLA operation, it is the way the law is handling their agents. They murdered six SLA members. The others can surface now, and go on to their next assignments.

House keys for the 7th Avenue Oakland apartment, found on Remiro and Little, linked them with the murder of Dr. Foster. This apartment was used as the hideout for a murder and an attempted murder.

William and Emily Harris each obtained drivers’ licenses using false names and the address of this apartment, in September, 1973, a few days before the SLA moved in.

Why doesn't this act link them to the murder of Dr. Foster? Why haven't they been charged with murder and conspiracy? As intelligence agents or provocateurs on a higher and more sophisticated level, they are safe from the U.S. Grand Jury and from prosecution. Selected patsies take the rap once again.

(38) Accessories after the Fact

The Warren Commission was provided "delayed evidence" by the FBI to back up their finding that Lee Harvey Oswald assassinated President Kennedy. Oswald's famous planted diary, the camera that took his superimposed portrait, and famous bullet 399 are examples of delayed props.

Investigators of the SLA, working with the police, are coming out with delayed evidence reminiscent of other conspiracies.

The police had Patty Hearst's name with the SLA three weeks before she was kidnapped. It was revealed months later.

Cyanide bullets were allegedly found in Patty's apartment, behind a book-shelf. A "more thorough search the next day" produced this mark of the SLA. The Hearst family and news media were not told of these findings for two months. Bullet 399, that allegedly traveled through John Kennedy and John Connally," the subject of two books, was "found on a stretcher" in the hall of Parkland Hospital.

Photographs allegedly of the SLA were located a week after their deaths in the burned out house. The use of polaroid negatives from the SLA location could hopefully link the SLA to polaroid negatives found near a dead police officer in Compton one week earlier.

Piles of maps, dozens, were found at the SLA house Jan. l0, 1974. Some included the Hillsborough area, home of Patty Hearst. A map marked "Graton Road, Sonoma County, led to a federally licensed demolition contractor permitted to possess, use and sell high explosives and detonation equipment. Investigators found three bunkers of dynamite at the site." July 23, 1974, the police revealed the presence of maps. They had three weeks to use them before Patty Hearst was kidnapped. Who was the government contractor?

An unmailed letter was supposedly found under Camilla Hall's burned body. It took one month for police to reveal this fact, if it is a fact and not a forged document. The death message perpetuates the violent language of the SLA. The purpose is to coax radicals to take to the gun, and denounces "so called radical leaders" for lack of support.

(39) The SLA and the CIA; the Spanish Connections?

Paul Halverson, friend of Camilla Hall, was called before the S.F. Grand Jury. He didn't understand why they wanted a postcard mailed by Camilla from "Spain two years ago."

Howard Hunt was associated with the Spanish Embassy. Dorothy Hunt, his wife and CIA partner, worked for the U.S. Spanish Embassy. William Harris had been to Spain recently. Willie Wolfe and Colston Westbrook had traveled extensively in Europe.

Did any of the SLA know each other or meet in Spain?

Did the U.S. Attorney General want to cover up these "innocent" pieces of evidence which proved the SLA members had mobility and funding of some kind?

Joyce Halverson, Paul's wife, went to jail for refusing to give information about Camilla Hall. They had known each other for a long time. Joyce added: "I hope the grand jury will look into the charges that the CIA was behind the SLA."

XI. Indications That the SLA Is Part of a Large Scale National Conspiracy

"We had to keep the lid on all the other things that were going on here that would have been worse, I think, than the Watergate business."

-- former Attorney General John Mitchell, phone call to John Ehrlichman, April 14, 1973

June 17, 1972, the day of the Watergate arrests, was an important date in American history. The CIA was caught altering the electoral process one more time. This event provided us with the opportunity to expose methods of clandestine agents working on domestic terrain.

Two years after the arrests, Congress and the Justice Department are still protecting the conspirators. The top directors and agents of espionage will not be asked to reveal how many horrors were and are being planned for us, and what they have been doing to destroy our Constitution.

The SLA and the violence that will follow it in years to come would never occur if the secret military intelligence army were smashed and exposed once and for all. We are more afraid of progressive social changes than we are of a murderous dictatorship.

There are many reasons for believing that the SLA is only part of a larger national conspiracy.

Listed below are a few reasons for this conclusion. They, and others, will be detailed in a forthcoming book.

1. FBI Director Charles Bates's Role

In 1969, Bates was a special agent in charge of the Chicago FBI offices. In 1971, he moved to the General Investigative Division of the Washington, D.C. FBI. He is currently Director of the San Francisco FBI, and in charge of the SLA investigation.

There are startling parallels between the FBI-Police murder of Black Panther leaders Fred Hampton and Mark Clark in Chicago in 1969, and the deaths of Donald DeFreeze and the SLA in 1974.

In each case, black police-FBI informers took an active part in their deaths. Hampton and Clark were drugged before the police broke in and killed them; Christine Johnson, who almost died inside the SLA house, said she awoke from a "drugged sleep."

In Chicago, the police were deliberately misinformed that the Panthers had killed police officers. The LAPD was told that the SLA; had murdered a police officer a few days earlier.

In each case, the FBI was responsible for both the killings and the subsequent cover-up of the facts.

2. The Cobra as the SLA insignia

The cobra is used as an anti-Semitic and racist point of reference by the Ku Klux Klan, While Aryan Knights and Christian militants in Brazil. The US Organization, part of Ron Karenga's LAPD-infiltrated group that killed Black Panthers, used the same 7-headed cobra (the "Kawaida") that DeFreeze and the SLA adopted, the "Kawaida" is a concept developed by the OSS and CIA. It is a set of indoctrinational precepts used in brainwashing technology, imposed upon the victim.

3. SLA "help" was rejected by every radical group in the Bay Area.

The services of the SLA were turned down by Bay Area radical groups. Their offers to provide "hit men" for violence were rejected. They were suspected of being police provocateurs.

4. Prison escapes as national policy

James Earl Ray was allowed to leave a Missouri prison 11 months before he became the patsy in the Martin Luther King murder. California prisoners were offered a chance to leave the prisons if they would join the SLA. This was not the decision of individual prison guards, but is part of a national conspiracy.

5. Intelligence agencies or law enforcement had never heard of the SLA before the Foster murder

The FBI has informers planted in every legitimate radical group.

Unless the SLA were police agents themselves, they would have been known to police as radicals, either in the prisons they visited, or in the Berkeley-Oakland area.

6. SLA communiques are pathetic imitations of radical thinking

The SLA's messages were hardly inspired or written in the style or spirit of other radical leaders like George Jackson, Malcolm X of Martin Luther King. William Harris, a teacher with an M.A. in Urban Affairs, revealed his "advanced political thinking" in the tape he created in May, 1974. He referred to the "jive-assed pig agent school superintendent, sick-assed racists, mindless cunts and gigantic black penises."

7. Breakup of Black Leadership

The purpose of FBI orders issued in 1969 was to break up all radical and leftist groups. Organizations with the word "black" in their names were particular targets.

Then what about the Black Cultural Association inside Vacaville Prison?

Black leaders were to be "neutralized" by FBI provocateurs, which included assassination when necessary.

DeFreeze's army was so "neutralized" that he was its only black member.

8. More Kidnappings, assassinations and violence will follow the Hearst kidnapping.

FBI Director Clarence Kelley warned that there will be more kidnappings in the future. He should know. The earlier rush of kidnappings will be followed by a steadily escalating stream of bombings, scare tactics, murders, arson, robberies and assorted violence blamed on terrorists. The facts behind these incidents are protected on a national level, and never fully exposed in the courts. They are concealed by careful selection of evidence and witnesses.

9. National brain-altering policies

"Medical" experimentation on prisoners' brains in California are directly related to national conspiracies. The work on prisoners' brains was developed at Massachusetts General Hospital, where federal money funded a team working on electrode impants and psychosurgery.

The punishment and "experimentation," using drugs, electroshock, behavior modification programs and surgical techniques to alter behavior that have been prominent at Vacaville. are also taking place in other prisons and hospitals around the country.

10. Links between California Governor Ronald Reagan and former Florida Governor Claude Kirk, and the planned destruction of the University of California.

Former Governor Kirk of Florida ran his gubernatorial campaign with promises to "break the University of California," over 3000 miles away.

The day after Kirk and Reagan were elected in 1967, they met in Los Angeles. On the following day, University of California's President Clark Kerr was fired, without a day's notice.

This was the beginning of many changes at the University of California, which is now moving rapidly backwards.

Kerr had dreamed of a college education for every high school graduate. The University of California had a flowering humanities program.

Today, the hopes of a college education for every child are gone. Courses on social justice and in the humanities are disappearing.

The location of the SLA at the doorstep of U.C. Berkeley was a purposeful act, designed to link the radical-hippie movement with violence.

Shana Alexander is writing a book on the SLA, "explaining" how it was nurtured in the permissive radical community. The California climate did not breed violence. The military-industrial police agents deliberately created violence, to discredit necessary and legitimate organizations against genocide and fascism.

H.R. Haldeman, who has always represented Richard Nixon, took an active role in the firing of Kerr from the presidency of the University of California.

11. the Olympic Games massacre of Israeli athletes in Munich, Dr. Hacker and the SLA

The Massacre in Munich was wide open for the investigation of a larger conspiracy, involving U.S. and German military police.

"Arab terrorists" kidnapped the Israelis after the German police watched them climb the fence.

Dr. Fredric Hacker, an expert on terrorism, wrote a book deploring violence and guerrilla movements. But he never mentioned the secret funding behind the Arabs, or elaborated on the fact that it was the Germans and Americans who murdered the Jews, not the Arabs.

Hacker, as a consultant to the LAPD, became Donald DeFreeze's psychiatrist when DeFreeze was working as a police informer. When Patty Hearst was kidnapped, Dr. Hacker moved on to become Randolph Hearst's advisor.

12. Links of Saudi Arabian and Iranian oil money to the Reg Murphy kidnapping, the Watergate plumbers, dirty tricks and SLA bombings

Saudi Arabian money was involved in the Murphy kidnapping and was linked to J.F. Stoner's States Rights Party.

Money from Iran went into CIA funds in Mexico, for White House dirty tricks.

Stoner's States Rights Party employs the brother: of James Early Ray, patsy in the Martin Luther King murder.

There is a link here between conspiracies and provocations in the U.S., funds from right-wing oil companies and the SLA kidnapping and related bombings in 1974.

13. U.S. Military assistance to the SLA

The media and Congressional hearings emphasize the influence of Mao, the Brazilian Mini-manual and international terrorists on the SLA.

But what about William Harris' U.S. Military I.D.? The SLA also had a copy of The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. Nazi influence was prevalent in the Justice Department in the persons of G. Gordon Liddy and Robert Mardian, and visible in San Leandro, with the Nazi prediction of Dr. Foster's death.

14. The true story behind California's epidemic of violence has not yet been told.

Juan Corona, Herbert Mullen, Edmund Kemper, Charles Manson, Charles Watson and Sirhan Sirhan might have interesting stories to tell, which would confirm their involvement in larger conspiracies.

These men are isolated, not allowed to be interviewed, and not permitted to have fair trials.

The Zodiac killings and the Zebra murders are part of the same pattern of pre-arranged terrorism.

Judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys make a mockery of court proceedings, and refuse to examine the evidence. The SLA and Zebra scare are a continuation of a sequence of events that have common law enforcement links.

15. The Criminal Conspiracy Section of the LAPD is linked to the White House secret intelligence army -- the "Huston Plan" -- and operates throughout the state of California.

Louis Tackwood, in The Glass House Tapes, illustrates the interlocking of national and state police agencies. Since his book appeared, the CIA has admitted having agents in local police departments.

Donald DeFreeze worked as a part of this state-national agency, the Criminal Conspiracy Section.

16. Future germ warfare, the American Nazi Party, SLA threats and the U.S. military.

An alleged SLA memo published in Los Angeles June 1974 threatened future radiation and chemical poisonings.

American Nazis stationed at Ford Ord, California, working on a national project called "Operation Blue," were studying books about how to spread botulism and murder large sectors of the population.

The SLA had books on Chemical and Biological Warfare, The Science of Public Death and The Generic Effects of Radioactivity. The U.S. Army could use chemical warfare -- blaming terrorists and radicals.

17. U.S. Attorneys Branden Alvey and Robert Merckle were flown from Washington, D.C., to Los Angeles, to prosecute the SLA Case

These imported Government prosecutors also have their assignments.

Legitimate radicals are imprisoned and harrassed.

Police, CIA and FBI informers are protected and not charged with crimes. Did Alvey and Merckle work with Bates in Washington, D.C.?

If this had been a legitimate radical group, the supporting cast would have been rounded up and put into prison.

18. Were 12.6 million acres of California desert land closed to off-road traffic in November, 1973 for future military operations?

The SLA had maps of abandoned mines and desert locations.

The Manson-Watson family was protected at Barker Ranch, safe-house on the Mojave Desert, until they were arrested for stealing dune-buggy parts.

The Harrises were buying camping gear and clothing at Mel's Sporting Goods Store when they departed in a hurry. Was this a clue to where they might be found? Can Patty and the Harrises be hidden somewhere in this large area for the summer, while hippies in vans and communes are harrassed?

19. "Black Abductor" San Diego, the FBI, Minutemen, kidnapping of radicals and White House intelligence

Black Abductor, the 1972 "novel" containing a blueprint for the Hearst kidnapping, came from an unknown writer, Harrison James. The publisher in San Diego, Regency Publishing, is also unknown. Is this a CIA dummy front?

San Diego is the area where radicals were going to be kidnapped during the 1972 Republican Convention.

San Diego is where Donald Segretti, emissary of White House military intelligence, met with FBI agents in the Minutemen, the Secret Army Organization.

The Minutemen have created provocateur situations to hasten the arrival of a police state and race war. The SLA marks the beginning of the implementation of this plan.

XII. Were These Game Plans Against Humanity Necessary?

The Phoenix is a mythical bird of great beauty that rose from the ashes and represented immortality.

The American Phoenix Program in Vietnam, under the CIA, represents sadism, greed, hypocrisy, lying, torture, false imprisonment, terror and assassinations. Every decent human being should have rejected these actions from the beginning. Instead, we promoted the leader of the Phoenix Program to become director of all U.S. intelligence.

The symbol of the 7-headed cobra originated in Asia. It represented unity, self-determination, collective work and responsibility, cooperative production, purpose, creativity and faith.

The CIA and military intelligence once more perverted a symbol. They utilized the cobra for the Symbionese Liberation Army. The purpose was to associate symbols of hope and progress with murder, kidnapping, suicide, bombings, bank robberies and terror.

From the ashes of Vietnam the Phoenix rose. American youth marched in the streets or left the country in preference to murdering.

A body of citizens met and publicly protested the killings and warfare. Those individuals became enemies of the state, and had to be infiltrated and discredited.

From the ashes of the SLA, another group of persons may arise. They may resent the military SWAT teams, intelligence infiltration, assassination squads, false imprisonments, torture and all the other horrors brought from Vietnam to the United States. If we can see the parallels between our military operations at home and abroad, perhaps clandestine operations of this kind will be halted. If we don't see the comparisons, they will escalate.

The truth about the SLA -- and future acts by provocateurs posing as "spin-offs from the SLA" -- can be scrutinized.

Crimes do not remain unsolved for long once participating agents are identified by name. The wide discrepancies between the SLA cover stories and the hard evidence will emerge from asking the correct questions and pursuing every lead.

Public Relations offices acting as CIA fronts and military intelligence organizations give their versions of U.S. history. These accounts are false. The SLA requires the same scrutiny given to other political conspiracies.

America is a nation groping for culture and art forms. Whenever an opportunity appears, those in control divert what might be good and beautiful into ways of channeling public money into a few private pockets, waging war, increasing profits and industrial productivity.

Every time a political or civil rights leader emerges to effect necessary changes, the military kills him.

When youth begins to awaken and ask the right questions, their culture has to be crushed.

Military intelligence has made a profession for the past ten years of destroying lives and dreams.

They pervert idealism.

They pump the poor full of drugs and weapons and TV images of murder, rape and violence.

They turn masses, organizations and individuals against each other.

We must protect our feelings, and separate them from these contradictions between what is imminent death and what might become creative life. Our only hope is to become aware of how we are being manipulated, and by whom.

-- July 11, 1974