San Francisco Sunday Examiner & Chronicle
August 17, 1969 - Sect. B, page 7

Cops Pound Beats Again In Suburbs

    Old-fashioned foot patrol by sheriff's deputies equipped with modern walkie-talkie radios is being tried out in Contra Costa County.
    Faced with an alarming increase in burglaries, Sheriff Walter Young has ordered intensive coverage especially in the business districts in Danville, Alamo and San Ramon.
    Burglars have been concentrating on these affluent suburbs.
    Door knob rattling and inspection of windows will be back in style for the first time since the auto became fashionable for patrol duty.
    Contra Costa's Board of Supervisors has authorized the hiring of 16 new deputies to help stem the increase in crime.
    If the foot patrol is effective, it will be extended to other areas, according to Young.