San Jose Mercury News
December 4, 1969 - p. 24

Girl Weeps
In Recount
Of Murder

    LOS ANGELES (UPI) — A convicted murderer facing the possibility of a death sentence grinned Wednesday as a teenage girl wept on the witness stand.
    Chester Allen Johnson, 22, smiled and laughed as Terry Jean Phelps, 19, testified during the penalty phase of his trial for the murder of Loren Silliphant, 18, son of screenwriter Stirling Silliphant.
    The Silliphant murder occurred Feb. 12 and Johnson is also charged with the killing of Dr. Glen Ivar Olsen, 54, an Oakland dentist several days later.
    Miss Phelps testified about the Olsen slaying, for which Johnson faces trial in Alemeda County.
    She recalled Olsen was "begging for his life" after Johnson accosted him in his car. "He pleaded with Chester not to kill him. He said he would do anything he wanted; he offered to give him money, his car."
    Miss Phelps was Johnson's girlfriend at the time. With tears streaming down her face, she said the dentist gave Johnson his wallet. Then she said Johnson shot him.
    "The doctor was still mumbling, he was in pain, moaning and groaning. Chester told him to shut up and shot him again," the girl said.
    "The doctor, I guess, passed out, and then he started moaning some more and Chester just shot him," Miss Phelps testified.
    She said Johnson's only comment after the slaying was: "Damn, I got blood on my pants."