Los Angeles Times
December 13, 1969 - pg. 28

New Trial Set
for Accused
Hinman Slayer

    A new trial date for Robert K. Beausoleil, accused of slaying musician Gary Hinman, 34, last July in Hinman's Topanga Canyon home, was set for Feb. 16 Friday by Superior Court Judge Harold J. Ackerman.
    Beausoleil's first trial last month ended when a jury was unable to agree on a unanimous verdict. He reportedly is a member of the Charles Manson hippie cult, six members of which have been indicted by the County Grand Jury for the murders of actress Sharon Tate and six others.
    During Beausoleil's first trial, witnesses testified that Manson ordered the killing of Hinman, with whom he once lived, and sent Beausoleil, 21, and Susan Denise Atkins, also charged in the murder and being tried separately, to do it.
    Miss Atkins, 21, also is one of the six indicted by the Grand Jury in the Tate murders.