San Jose Mercury News
December 7, 1969 - front page

Shoe Found,
Linked To
Missing Girl

    WALNUT CREEK (AP) — A brown loafer shoe found alongside Interstate 680 was identified Saturday by police laboratory technicians as belonging to a high school girl kidnapped from her home last Monday night.
    Police also said the parents and a girlfriend of Elaine Louise Davis, 17, feel "pretty certain," the shoe belonged to the missing teenager.
    Miss Davis apparently was abducted from her home when left with her 3-year-old sister about 10:30 p.m. Her parents returned to find the child asleep and Miss Davis gone. She left behind a pair of eyeglasses and her purse, police said.
    A Danville housewife found the shoe near her home, about five miles away.
    Police said dirt and other debris on the shoe match dirt samples consistent with soil around the missing girl's home. Wear patterns also were the same.
    "The longer she is missing, the worse the situation looks," said a police spokesman.