The Dallas Morning News
December 6, 1969 - pg. 1D

Sharon Tate Case
      Watson Said to Be 'Incommunicado'


    Two California lawyers — one a close acquaintance of Sharon Tate murder suspect Charles Watson — complained here Friday that Watson is being held incommunicado.
    Attorney Perry Walshin said McKinney lawyer Bill Boyd refused his request to talk with the young man, although Walshin claimed Watson asked to see his California attorney.
    Walshin also charged that a close friend of Watson's was ordered away from the Watson home in Copeville Thursday night by an armed lawman. The friend, identified as David Neale of Dallas, "might be helpful to the defense of the case," Walshin said.
    Walshin and David DeLoache, whose Los Angeles firm caters to the hippie community, called a press conference at the Fairmont Hotel to air complaints that Boyd, retained by the Watson family, refused to allow him to see the 24-year-old suspect.
    Washin said it was "unfortunate that the local authorities in Collin County have so thoroughly and totally suppressed and confined this defendant."
    "He is innocent until proven guilty and is entitled to see his attorney unless Collin County has its own rules that in a normal judicial society would be absurd."
    Walshin apparently based his right to see Watson on these grounds:
    He said he contacted Watson's mother last Wednesday and she told him her son "wanted to see me with regard to his present troubles."
    He said he represented both Watson and Neale in a civil matter, and Watson had been in his office "maybe 30 or 40 times."
    He charged that Neale, on emergency leave from the Army because of his interest in the case, was invited to the Watson home in Copeville.
    "When he arrived at the door he was greeted by an armed sheriff who told him that neither he nor his attorney could come on the premises, and was told to get off the property and not to return—that neither was welcome there," Walshin said.
    Neale, a friend of the onetime Farmersville football star for five years, reportedly has information which may be beneficial to Watson.
    "The information is quite salient to the present case," the attorney said. He added that if Watson tells him to leave the case, he will return to California.
    He said Watson called him 3-4 weeks ago to inform him that he had returned to Texas. Walshin said the suspect did not seem upset.
    Walshin described Watson as a "nice guy — a very intelligent kid."
    Watson is being held in McKinney on charges that he participated in the killings of Miss Tate, who was pregnant, and four other persons. Reports form California allege a nomadic hippie cult slaughtered the movie actress and her friends during a symbolistic raid on "the establishment."