Why Is the Senate Watergate Committee Functioning As Part of the Cover-Up?

part II

III. Martial Law without the Riots

    "They have the marshals, I have the Army."

--Richard Nixon to John Dean

    Ordering martial law, under the guise of National Emergency, is no problem for the White House.
    We are actually in a state of martial law at this time, with the Judiciary and the Executive branches facing a crisis, in which the President will not account for his actions, defined as possibly criminal.
    Richard Nixon is no longer receiving advice of Melvin Laird he does not wish to receive, but will accept Pentagon orders and directions.
    William Timmons, part of the White House espionage group, instead of being purged, is chief White House lobbyist.
    Roy Ash, who should have been removed from the White House for at least ten good reasons, has been described as "expanding his perimeter." The U.S. will become like Greece, which Litton Industries and Ash helped create.
    General Haig said he didn't give up his military career "to shuffle papers." He intends to shuffle us instead. He refuses to fire White House aides involved with Watergate "whether they are guilty or not."
    There is no indication the military and intelligence agency plans are not in operation, or that Haig and others do not put ends far above the means.
    The White House is controlled by the clandestine mind and operators who instigated military coup d'etats and military dictatorships elsewhere. They have determined that the majority, just because they are the majority, are not able to decide what is best for the conglomerates and financial empires.
    Long before the 1972 elections, a series of government agencies were being formed that would assure control of the population.
    A conflict was going to arise. Billions would be spent on continuing military hardware. Money would be withheld from programs for domestic improvements and opportunities. A civil war situation, identical to that created by ITT and the CIA in Chile, as well as elsewhere, would be forced.
    We were entering a period of no-knock, surreptitious entry, mail openings, imprisonment without trials, elimination of mental hospitals, reduced minority benefits, systematic assassination of minority leaders, closed borders into Canada and Mexico, police laser weapons, data banks, and other reasons for population unrest. With that in mind, we are left with those agencies still functioning, becoming stronger every day, when they should be broken up.
    If you can't accept the martial law plans for 1972, insist that the Senate and the federal prosecutors examine data existing to prove this fact, such as the Louis Tackwood charges and other evidence. Without comprehending the amount of work anticipated to keep these plans operating, there is no way to expose and demand that agencies formed be dismatled.
    A. Institutions to dismantle
    Only a few of the most dangerous institutions which should be dismantled include:
    Office of Management Budget: Domestic funds and decisions belong in the hands of Congress. Roy Ash was accused of taking $43-million from Howard Hughes contracts by shuffling the books, then started Litton Industries empire to expand. Litton is consumed in large cost overruns, running into billions. The excuse of the Office of Management Budget was to "save money." Ash could save the taxpayer by minding his own shipyard.
    The close association of Roy Ash, John Maury of the CIA and other top government officials, to the Greek military dictatorship is shocking. The White House "plumbers" and all agents involved in sabotage and conspiracy worked through and with the Office of Management Budget at one time. Fred Malek of that Office should be returned to the Pentagon, away from domestic affairs.
    Office of Emergency Service: We all want warning and protection from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes. That cover story and excuse is the diabolical 1984ish James McCord secret warning system being pushed today.
    This involves a two-way radio into every home.(29)
    Ronald Reagan, hoping to be President, is pushing hard in California for the Office of Emergency Service.
    The Roseville, Calif. tests on military equipment exploding was to further justify that Office. It was a provocateur-type operation to create the need for legal repression.
    Any natural disaster or happening would come and go. But the Office of Emergency Service will remain.
    Inter-Divisional Information Unit (IDIU): This is a cover for domestic intelligence gathering.(30)
    While the CIA is not supposed to be operating inside the U.S., it exists everywhere with different covers.
    There are military provisions to anticipate all future uprisings.
    Drug and Law Enforcement (DALE): This is a dangerous new development which conceals espionage operations and allows for terror in the community.
    Every manifestation of Nazi Germany has been utilized inside the U.S. with the exception of entering, breaking homes apart, killing, and leaving. DALE is that missing link.
    There are no promises that raids will cease. There is every reason to believe they will continue and make more "errors." Even when the arrested have drugs on the premises the methods used and the consequences of the discovery do not justify the way DALE was formed.
    Imported narcotics, on CIA planes and otherwise, serve three purposes important to the federal government.
    First, it is good business, exceeding war profits. The drug dealers work with the intelligence and military in many ways. Profits gained from drug traffic help support racist projects, including political conspiracies and assassinations.
    Second, provocateurs and police agents purposely push narcotics into the ghettos to control the minorities. According to Louis Tackwood, the Los Angeles Police Dept. supplied drugs, as do other police agencies.
    Third, the necessary violence and crime in the streets caused by supporting drug habits requires more police, local helicopters, surveillance, arrests without warrants, framing selected patsies by planting evidence on the premises, and makes the law enforcement agent protector of our life and property.
    Planted marijuana in the binoculars of John Lennon is the excuse to deport him from the U.S. In spite of the cultural advancements he and Yoke Ono have made, their outspoken criticism of warfare, genocide and political prisoners make them eligible for an "enemy list." Planted narcotics becomes the excuse to deny a family the right to find their child.
    DALE is a political tool of the administration.(31)
    UCLA institute to Study the Causes of Violent Behavior: This Institute is Ronald Reagan's answer to "solving violence by 1975." Senator Ervin and others requested this study be put off because of Watergate and federal influence into domestic privacy.
    Funded by CIA fronts, concealed grants and government money, the UCLA Institute hides behind the California Council on Criminal Justice.
    Suicides, family beatings, minority problems can easily be solved in direct proportion to the amount of money located in space and defense budgets being transferred to domestic needs.
    There is a concerted interest in federal, CIA studies tojustify brain experimentation, prisoner modification and minority experimentation on the basis that social unrest is not caused by economic deprivations. Every effort to pass this propaganda as fact should be challenged.
    Twenty-five per cent of the Gestapo doing painful and subhuman experiments in Nazi Germany were from the leading universities. NASA scientist Dr. Ross Adey, working at UCLA, justified brain altering, by claiming that "the brain feels no pain."(32)
    ENSKIDS: The National Security Council and the National Security Act of 1947 made every provision in their charters for sabotage and infiltration necessary inside the U.S. as well as in other countries.(33)
    ENSKIDS is one of the provisions for the CIA to work inside the U. S. Every person can be "suspected" of having foreign contacts, thus justifying their surveillance. This was the excuse for following Mary Jo Kopechne, who later was found dead inside the car of Senator Ted Kennedy.
    Atascadero, Calif., Lister Unit, Vacaville, Calif.: California prisons have been experimenting with dangerous, painful drugs for a long time. Empty units wait at the Lister Center in Vacaville, hoping the public will lose interest in prisoners. Public opposition stalled the process temporarily until the UCLA center appeared.
    Federal funds, through LEAA, provide methods of social control. These include various drugs and techniques not allowed by the Nuremberg Code or AMA guidelines.
    --Proloxin was used on 1,093 inmates in Vacaville in 1971.
    --Anecetin has been used on at least 90 unwilling patients in California, and probably many more.
    --Electro-convulsive shocks are administered as punishment.
    --Castrations are common. L.A. Superior Court Judge Lawrence Turrentine ordered 60 castrations. L.A. Superior Court Judge Frank Collier ordered 41 castrations. Genitals are wired, inside California prisons, as experimentation on prisoners.
    --Sterilizations, 19,042 of them, were ordered by California judges for "preventive procreation."
    This is a national problem, but I have done research into the California prisons as related to California conspiracy and espionage operations.(34)
    U.S. Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfleld, Miss., Adirondak Treatment Center, New York State, Behavior Research Center in Butner, North Carolina: Clockwork Orange is alive and well in the United States.
    Anticipated social unrest will be challenged with removal of prisoners from their home states, and a loss of contact with those persons.
    Advanced behavior modification, imprisonment without committing a crime, and transporting prisoners across state lines are escalations of Auschwitz, USA.
    New Proposed Cabinet in California to combine the Military, Prisons, Law Enforcement into One Group: Ronald Reagan has compared President Thieu in Vietnam to George Washington. Following all the methods used by Thieu and the Phoenix program in Asia to silence over 40,000 political prisoners in preparation for an election, Presidential aspirant Reagan is clearing the way at home.
    The UCLA Institute to Study the Causes of Violent Behavior, the Office of Emergency Service, the new proposal to establish a single manpower agency for employment and the new proposed cabinet are all Ronald Reagan's pet projects which he is pushing to implement as soon as possible.
    If there was ever a time to question and fear one public servant, it is now and the man is Reagan. Almost each month a diabolic suggestion has appeared as a real nightmarish possibility.
    A "special task force" has assembled to combine controls over the citizens under the guise of a "study." A new California cabinet is proposed. This would include the Military, Highway Patrol, Office of Emergency Service, California Criminal Justice (Federal funds), Crime Technologicai Research Foundation, Dept. of Corrections, and the Youth Authority.(35)

B. The Enemy List
    The White House intelligence operation, acting apart from their separate agencies, was coordinated to handle domestic emergencies.
    These domestic dangers turned out to be political enemies of the administration or the corporate structure as it wants to exist.
    Procedures of operation, surreptitious entry, wiretapping, opening mail, etc., were listed and approved, although clearly illegal.
    Tax money was paid to spy against ourselves.
    Where did this counter-intelligence army learn who to attack? From the White House enemy list, of course.
    What military objective was their target? You don't set up unconventional warfare operating procedures without having goals in mind.
    Radicals, anti-war protestors, minority leaders and prisoners were already under attack by existing military and federal agencies.
    They were infiltrated, saturated with provocateurs, bugged, busted, imprisoned. Others were murdered, poisoned and crippled.(Details of Murderville, U.S.A. will appear in my next article for The Realist, "Why was J. Edgar Hoover Murdered?")
    The President himself admitted having approved an illegal operation of repression against campus and other radical groups.
    All that remained was to get the list, and get the army moving.
    "By 1970 it was public knowledge the FBI alone had added 1,200 agents for campus work, that federal funds for local police surveillance were increased by 300%, and that the Justice Dept. was turning its Internal Security Division into a national squad devoted to massive surveillance and harassment."(36)
    The White House "plumbers" and the coordinated agencies that worked with them were formed to damage, secretly, the political enemies. Standard government departments, made up of Republicans and Democrats, would have learned of these operations.
    H.R. Haldeman gave the approval for $400,000 to "defeat" George Wallace. Supposedly it went to a Democratic candidate for Governor, but Haldeman didn't know his name. Couldn't it also go to part of an assassination team? He only allocated the cash from a special, secret White House safe but didn't inquire the use when it was handed over? Hardly possible! Only an intelligence operation, working on a need-to-know basis, behaves in such a manner.
    There were ways to attack the political enemies. In some manner, from various choices, they would be "screwed" after the elections.
    Investigating tax returns, withholding of federal grants and contracts, litigations and prosecutions were suggested. That is where the army comes in. They have to create those conspiracies that will "frame," "screw," "program" and "create scandals."
Create scandals:
    Michael Dellums, son of black Representative Ron Dellums, was arrested recently. Were any of his companions provocateurs? Were they persuaded into actions, for money or otherwise, to cause this arrest? That is not far-fetched, after studying lists of those in prisons today because of such planted conspiracies.
    The Trojan boys -- USC fraternity gang that ended up in the White House, were stuffing ballot boxes, creating disturbances and testing their political muscles as young adults.
    Sally Harmony testified about Robin Cranston early in the Watergate hearings. His name was on the Gemstone papers. Robin, the son of anti-war Senator Alan Cranston, recently had legal troubles with a female who claimed he put LSD in her drink. Was she one of Liddy's choice women who would be utilized later in Miami?
    Mr. and Mrs. A. Picker were to be "programmed."
    The Pickers were large contributors to the political campaign
of Senator Muskie.
    What constitutes programming?
    Mrs. Dorothy Hunt, at the time of her death on the sabotaged flight to Chicago on December 8, 1972, had the name of two neurosurgeons with her. An accomplished CIA agent on her own, would these persons perform for the accused a service that
would save paying blackmail money the rest of their lives?
    The present Attorney General Eliot Richardson seems to be knowledgable about mind control, behavior modification and programming.
    Following the Detroit riots of 1967, a new method of handling minorities started to be explored seriously as an alternative to social progress. Frank Ervin, Vernon Mark and William Sweet, all from Massachusetts, received aid from Eliot Richardson to begin studies and experimentation on behavior modification of minorities. It was Richardson who managed to get their project financed through Congressional funds. Their project is the use of preventive psychosurgery on minority children in Massachusetts.(37)

    C. The Warfare State
President Richard Nixon:
    The image of J. Walter Thompson, cold war advertising agency, has been replaced without a cover story.(38)
    The Pentagon has taken over the Oval Office. It was always there, but concealed in a more subtle way.
    Cold war provisions for the National Security Council, housed inside the White House, to direct the designated official, are followed through.
    Domestic spy operations, illegal procedures, denial of Constitutional protections, were also ordered.
    Armed guards seal all files and documents.
    Tape recordings of Presidential conversations can be used to blackmail the President if he forgets his lines or does not perform appropriately to orders.
    Intelligence agents hire the staff.
Vice-President Spiro Agnew:
    Plans to assassinate Richard Nixon indicate a desperation of the extreme right wing to place Agnew in the White House as soon as possible.
    Watergate defendants and close working associates of the espionage teams were Agnew-Ashbrook supporters. YAF, Tom Charles Huston's organization, supported Agnew in 1972.
    There was a determination to "get Nixon" by the conservatives rather than by Democrats or radicals.
    Agnew's money and close links to the Greek military junta have not been mentioned with regard to 1972 election financing. Tapes exist to prove millions of dollars, through Tom Pappas, Esso Oil, placed Agnew on the Republican ticket.
    Maj. Gen. John Dunn, Agnew's deputy chief of staff, indicates a growing fear of a militarized White House. Dunn, a colonel 3 years ago, became a two-star general this March. The Greek military junta came into existence during a 24-hour coup d'etat because the generals and older conservatives had been systematically replaced prior to the takeover.(39)
Chief Justice Warren Burger:
    A new Constitution was written for use after the 1972 elections.
    It is a blueprint for a Nazi state.
    Warren Burger insisted the new Constitution eliminate trial
by jury.

    Burger claimed "the trial by jury slows the wheels of justice." (40)
    The Supreme Court recently turned down, by a vote of 7-0, the request to examine documentary evidence that Sirhan Sirhan did not kill Senator Robert Kennedy. The circumstances that allowed Nixon to become President were so unusual and horrendous. If the matters of political assassination are still silenced, after years of research and proof of a conspiracy existed, there is no chance that illegal wiretapping or bugging will cause the President to move very far away from the source of his power.
    General Alexander Haig, White House Chief of Staff:
    General Haig, like General Dunn, passed over 243 generals for his appointment. Rockefeller, residing in New York, directs his men -- Henry Kissinger, John Mitchell, Spiro Agnew. Haig is the protege of Kissinger and maintains control of the White House as the other men move out and shift positions caused by Watergate scandals.(41)
    Haig is a defendant in a suit by Morton Halperin for illegal wiretaps on his home and office. There is no chance, with the Pentagon ruling the courts, that Kissinger or Haig will even get a reprimand for such actions. "National security" protects espionage agents against us. If their lies are revealed, as in the Pentagon Papers, the punishment is pushed upon those who see and tell. There is more national security in smoking these people out.
Maj. Gen, John C. Bennett, White House Staff, Maj. George Joulwan:
    Bennett and Joulwan are aides, still on active duty at the present time. They are assisting General Haig in the White House.(42)
William J. Baroody, Pentagon, Fred Buzhardt, Counsel for the President:
    Buzhardt's name came up at the time of the Pentagon Papers trial. Evidence was withheld to the detriment of the defendants. March, 1971, Buzhardt testified that electronic surveillance of the army on citizens did not directly interfere with civil rights.(43)
Clarence Kelley, new Director of the FBI:
    Famous for Computerized police departments. Blacks, anti-war protestors, radicals harassed in Kansas. Police killings of blacks, use of helicopters, data banks. LEAA funds, repressions financed following violence instigated by federal provocateurs. Heavily linked to Federal police systems. Passed Senate approval 96-0, indicating total ignorance of what Watergate espionage was really about. This appointment could have been held up, like L. Patrick Gray's, until more information was available.
William Colby, new Director of the CIA:
    The CIA has been involved in domestic sabotage. Colby, as head of the dreaded Phoenix program in Vietnam, became synomyous with population displacement, tortures, imprisonment of political voices against Thieu, and dropping Viet Cong from airplanes. The arrogance of this nomination at this time by Richard Nixon will be equalled by the Senate with no respect for human lives or liberty.
    James Schlesinger, Secretary of Defense:
"Knowledge is a form of power and most institutions exhibit an understandable reluctance to dissipate this power in the absence of compensating advantages."
    "The deliberate introduction of distortion and fuzziness to improve the competitive position of one's own agency or division is an unavoidable and dominant feature of the bureaucratic landscape."
    "Politics, so far as mobilizing support is concerned, represents the art of calculated cheating, or more precisely how to cheat without being really caught."

--Systems Analysis and the Political Process
James Schlesinger, Rand Corp., June 1967

    D. Political Prisoners of America
    Provisions for martial law and the institutions to implement a military dictatorship inside the U.S. affect all facets of our society. No persons suffer more than political prisoners, victims of the police state.
    The prison system reflects the quality and justice of its society outside. Tiger cages in Vietnam, islands of torture in Greece, assassination police squads and torture in Brazil, extermination camps in Germany, have been powerful and necessary methods of silencing political opponents. Knowing such prisons exist keeps the moderate and frightened from voicing their objections to oppression.
    The same Justice Dept., FBI, counter-intelligence agencies working inside the White House that condoned election sabotage and "horror stories" come down upon radicals inside the prisons as well as on the streets.
    Raymond Procunier, director of State Department of Corrections in California, said, "If we've got a group out preaching revolution, and we think that it's dangerous, we lock them up."(44) Many U.S. prisoners have been murdered, framed and confined in isolation solely for their political beliefs and not for actual crimes committed. When the California authorities can't find a crime, provocateurs create conspiracies and assure their selected targets are blamed.
    Throughout the 1960's and '70s the consciousness of prisoners about the political nature of their situations has grown along with the political movements on the outside.
    The more they call attention to their conditions, the more inhumane is their treatment.
    Prison demonstrations or actions to voice existing conditions cause some men to be segregated for life.
    If the White House defined moderates such as Hubert Humphrey or Edmund Muskie as "enemies" to be defeated by any means necessary, what chance do radical prisoners have for a new definition or chance to live?
    The Adjustment Center, Maximum Security, is for political prisoners inside the United States.
    Germans claimed to be ignorant of Dachau and Aushwitz.
    There are enough books and data available about U.S. prisons to set innocent men free and to force a change of conditions.(45)
    The Watergate espionage squad is directly linked to California agencies and prisons.
    Elmer Davis, a man currently held in the Calif. State Prison at Folsom, was charged with the Ellsberg robbery of Dr. Lewis Fielding's office. Davis was in prison at the time he was charged and could not have been in Beverly Hills at the time. A suit has been filed by Davis in the U.S. District Court against Richard Nixon, John Ehrlichman, Egil Krogh, G. Gordon Liddy, E. Howard Hunt and California law enforcement officials, including Beverly Hills Law Enforcement officers.(46)
    The Elmer Davis case is only one from a long list of arrests that will indicate the interrelationship of the CIA, Los Angeles Law Enforcement, California Dept. of Corrections and other officers.
    Cuban terrorists carried out armed arson attacks in Los Angeles, 1970, against the Haymarket, a radical meeting place and bookstore; the offices of the Socialist Workers Party; and Ashgrove, a coffee house that made its facilities available to radical causes.
    Mario Pelaez, Reynaldo Castro and Reynaldo Gonzalez, all arrested, were working for the CIA. Edward Gritz and Sergeant Charles Loust of the LAPD Criminal Conspiracy Division confirmed the CIA connections. The Cubans had been hired in May 1970 to "fight Communism and get Cuba back." The men worked with Alpha 66, the armed guerrilla warfare group that Frank Sturgis, Bernard Barker, Eugenio Martinez and other Watergate operatives were associated with.
    Louis Tackwood, working with the Los Angeles Police Dept., revealed another CIA, LAPD, FBI conspiracy plot which took place at San Quentin. This was the George Jackson murder and framing of radical prisoners for other deaths that occurred that day.
    The White House espionage group was responsible for killing 28 Black Panthers and other minority leaders. They also were determined to exterminate leaders inside the prison.
    Eldrige Cleaver, writer and Panther, escaped going to prison and went to Algeria. Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents were making a deal with Sonny Barger, Hell's Angels leader, to "bring Cleaver home dead in a box." Larry Shears, the agent who exposed this arrangement, also revealed the plans of ATF to kill Cesar Chavez.(47) This was at a time when John Caulfield and G. Gordon Liddy were working for the Treasury Dept. ATF.
    Tackwood stated in his 1971 press conference that the LAPD Criminal Conspiracy Section, with links to the CIA and FBI, had foreknowledge of the Judge Haley murder, Marin Courthouse shootout and the San Ouentin killing of George Jackson.
    In line with murdering political leaders, writers and Black Panthers, George Jackson had been marked for death several years in advance of the shootout. Many prisoners had been offered parole if they would kill or frame him. Refusal to comply brought more charges of assaults and punishments.
    Ronald Reagan, Governor of California, had information four months in advance on his desk which could have prevented the San Quentin killings. But, like other staged riots and violence, this was meant to take place. The suppressed report, regarding possible disturbance and unrest inside the prison, was referred to in the October 23, 1971 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle.
    As an agent provocateur for the LAPD, Tackwood was sent to prison disguised as an inmate to create disturbances or to frame a particular prisoner. As part of his LAPD employment, he testified at the trial of Joseph Lee Jenkins, which sent an innocent man to San Quentin for life.
    Jenkins, innocent, is imprisoned for political purposes. Sergeant Woods, Homicide Division, LAPD, stated he would charge Clemmie E. Henderson unless he cooperated and testified against Joseph Lee Jenkins.
    The threat was made in Antelope Valley Police Dept., Lancaster, California.
    Henderson was given a set of facts to testify to. He was taken
to the scene of the crime, shown photographs of the area, and other people.
    Two other witnesses, Larry and Arnold Kendrick, were coerced.
    Henderson did not see Jenkins kill Darlene Smelcer. He was instructed starting August 13, 1969 to give false testimony.
    Arnold Kendrick and Clemmie Henderson killed Miss Smelcer, and Jenkins was not involved in the crime.
    Jenkins was the only person among a group who had an arrest record, so the police found him the "easiest person to convince of the crime."
    (The above information is from a deposition of Clemmie E. Henderson, State of Calif., County of Marin, recorded at San Quentin State Prison on Sunday, October 15, 1972, at the request of Clemmie E. Henderson, B-34006 and Joseph Lee Jenkins, B-33668. is there an attorney who will come forward and represent Joseph Lee Jenkins? He is innocent, and has already served four years of his life in San Quentin for a crime he never commited.)
    Another provocateur, Lee Smith, testified before a House Committee that he was "recruited to foment prison unrest" at the California Men's Colony in 1971. He was to help plan and carry out a strike, and also worked with other prisoners to assault two California prison guards.
    Agent provcateurs are hired to blame "Marxist revolutionary forces" for prison unrest. The.conditions of prison then became more secretive and more controlled.(48)
    Stephen Bingham was the agent provocateur of the San Quentin shootout. Boyd Douglas was hired to frame the Berrigans. Whittaker Chambers was utilized to imprison Alger Hiss.
    Bingham was employed for the murder of George Jackson and the subsequent imprisonment of six radicals: Fleeta Drumgo, Willie Tate, Hugo Pinell, Johnny Larry Spain and Louis Talamantex. Known as the San Quentin Six, they will be on trial soon, two years after their arrests.
    A common Nazi method of exterminating was utilized -- "killed while escaping." George Jackson was shot in the head. There are discrepancies regarding the autopsy and location of the wounds.
    Bingham was not a "Communist." Tackwood told me he was sent from British Intelligence, went to San Quentin, provided the excuse for the George Jackson killing. He provided a gun which was supposedly in Jackson's "wig."
    Charges against the San Quentin Six are for the murder of two other prisoners and three guards.
    Asst. Attorney General Robert Mardian, associated with the Watergate arrests and the illegal secret White House intelligence squad, created the Grand Jury system to suit Administration purposes -- to commit radicals, anti-war protestors and political prisoners.
    The Grand Jury that indicted the San Quentin Six two years ago broke apart as a result of their stormy sessions. One grand juror, in an unprecendented move, resigned in protest over the indictments. He spoke of the "inequalities and injustices of the secret indicting process." Two other grand jurors walked out on the meeting, declaring, "What this Grand Jury does is not justice but vengenace"(49)
    Members of the Grand Jury, attorneys, outside authorities were not allowed inside San Quentin for a length of time, denied access to investigate the incident.
    No impartial investigation was conducted after Jackson and five others were slain.
    The espionage cover story for the murders was that "throats were cut."
    Nelson Rockefeller, Governor of New York, allowed the murder of 43 persons inside Attica prison, that could also have been avoided. The immediate cover story after riots started was that "guards' throats were cut." Scare stories frighten the outside population against prisoners, and assures that political prisoners will remain locked up. But throats were not cut in New York.
    Who sent out that phony story? Why?
    If it was concluded that throats were not cut in New York, after the prison was examined carefully, what assurance is there that throats were cut in California? Nobody was allowed to enter and examine the evidence.(50)
    Judge Haley's body was exhumed to determine information regarding the Ruchell Magee trial in Marin County that involved the LAPD, CCS, Evelle Younger and the Dept. of Corrections.
    Before the trial for the San Quentin Six begins, their attorneys should demand the bodies be exhumed to see if that cover story holds.
    Taped conversations of Stephen Bingham, taken following the killings, in Canada, also exist. They should be produced by the LAPD.
    Immediately after the San Quentin killing of George Jackson, the guards and inmates, 22 men in prison sent out a letter pleading for someone to solve the conspiracy that caused those bloody events.
    Ten years research into the murders of President John Kennedy, Senator Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, and then the Watergate Affair, led me to the San Quentin killings.
    Six men are anxious to prove their innocence.
    They are being denied lawyers of their choice.
    The trial will be a railroad if we allow this to happen.
    America must wake up and save the living as well as investigate and mourn the dead.
    The Watergate Affair is not only about election sabotage.
    Watergate is about a White House President, Department of Justice, FBI, CIA, intelligence agencies that conduct para-military operations against all citizens alike. Indifference to conspiracy trials, created by agencies for silencing minorities, assures that the real criminals will remain in power.
    The team that sabotages the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, has locked innocent human beings into isolated traps 23 1/2 hours each day for the past two years.
    Two days before George Jackson's trial, as one-third of the famous Soledad Brothers, Jackson was killed. His two companions were acquitted. Prison violence, imported provocateurs, are escalating scenes in San Quentin now in anticipation of this long and crucial trial.
    The defendants live with threats of death every day. Phony messages of "escape plans to Algeria and Cuba" are circulating. It is treacherous business to look for life and justice in the U.S. if you are marked by the federal government to cease existing.
    California law enforcement agencies and planned conspirators should be on trial.
    Free the San Quentin Six and investigate Watergate West.

    A "caper" is a "horror story."
    John Mitchell, former Attorney General, attempted to separate the Watergate Hotel entry and arrests from the White House plumbers "horror stories."
    The Watergate Affair can't be taken apart as a series of isolated acts.
    The entry into the Democratic Headquarters, forging documents, complicated money transactions, kidnapping, blackmailing, hiring provocateurs, planting phony polls, were part of an espionage establishment that has existed for a long time. They finally got caught.
    Research into political violence and political assassinations would have clipped their wings much earlier.
    Refusal to expose their methods at this time or allowing specific agents to still control with power over government agencies, assures their continued success.
    Election reforms are a start but a simplistic approach to needed purges.
    "McCarthyism" was firing and frightening innocent citizens by calling them "Communists." Guilt by association was the charge.
    The Watergate purge is different, involving actual criminals.
    Murders, conspiracies, sabotage and treason should be the charges this time, or would be if the investigators were not part of the conspiracies.


    1. Liberal press intent on silencing conspiracies: Realist, Oct, 1972, Jerry
Policoff, "How All the News About Political Conspiracies in the United States Has Not Been Fit to Print in The New York Times."
    2. Provocateurs: "An agent provocateur is a police agent who is introduced into any political organization with instructions to foment discontent ... or to fake a case in order to give his employers the right to act against the organization in question."    --Louis Tackwood, The Glass House Tapes
    Example: The White House was assembling a political attack team for 1972. They needed a cover, so called them "plumbers" to find leaks on SALT talks from the National Security Council. All their jobs were political assignments, including the Ellsberg robbery, kidnapping Dita Beard, forging State Dept. papers to blame JFK for the murder of Diem, collecting data to smear Ted Kennedy following the Chappaquiddick death of Mary Jo Kopechne, securing cover stories for Arthur Bremer, arrested for shooting George Wallace. William Becher, from the National Security Council, planted the leaks. Becher was then promoted to deputy Asst. Secretary for Public Affairs in the Defense Dept. Acting as a provocateur, he created the excuse for operations that would later come down upon innocent citizens.
    3. Reichstag Fires in the U.S.: The Reichstag was the German government building burned by Hitler's general as an excuse to imprison radicals and protestors. Domestic violence caused by Justice Dept. conspiracies: Murder of Martin Luther King. Systematic killing of 28 Black Panthers. Kent State, murder of 4 students. Jackson State, murder of 2 students. Urban guerrilla warfare; police and FBI ammunition; bombs supplied. Attica, 3 prisoners killed in riots, could've been avoided, San Quentin, murder of George Jackson, 2 guards, 3 prisoners. Chicago 1968 convention; police, armed forces causing violence. Planned killings of 1972, violence for Republican convention, but arrests at Watergate cancelled the plans.
    4. Acts of treason: Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary defines treason as (l) The betrayal of a trust, and (2) The offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance or to kill or personally injure the sovereign or his family. Existing evidence can prove that acts of violence and even the planned killingof the President were conspired for the fall of 1972. The Watergate Affair is about treason, not wiretpping and burglary.
    5. Lawyers involved in the Watergate: Attorney General John Mitchell; Attorney General Richard Kleindeinst; Asst. Attorney General Henry Peterson; Acting Director of the FBI L. Patrick Gray; Asst. Attorney General Robert Mardian; William Sullivan, Director of Division V, FBI; California Attorney General Evelle Younger; William Bittman; Charles Colson; John Dean; Paul O'Brien; Gordon Strachan; Egil Krogh; Donald Segretti; Fred LaRue; John Ehrlichman; Herb Kalmbach; Kenneth Parkinson; Tom Huston; Richard Moore; G. Gordon Liddy; Herbert Porter; Judge C. Richey; Richard Nixon.
    Lawyers not involved: Judge J. Sirica; Judge Morell E. Sharp, who had the good judgment to refuse involvement with the domestic intelligence squad.
    6. Methods by which covert acts are carried out -- a few examples: Secret Fundings so sources are kept concealed. Provocateurs to conceal motives behind the operations. "Public Relations" office to hide department planning conspiracies. Dummy fronts, non-existing business or firms. Cover stories, inaccurate descriptions of agents or operations. Cut-offs, hiring a middle man so that connecting agents not seen together, or can't be recognized as part of a conspiracy.
    Need-to-know, hiring people but not divulging the larger plans; they "didn't know" what the money was used for, or about the operation. Evidence is manipulated, destroyed, forged, "missing," locked up, delayed (reconstructed to fit into the cover story), altered, planted against the innocent, withheld in National Archives. Disguises -- wigs, speech impediments. False I.D. -- passports, social security, birth ceritificates, union cards, aliases. Code names, to lose identification, conceal projects. Job placements, salaries given but not working at that premise, promotions for services, transfers.
    Arson, bombing, to conceal evidence, lose motives and confuse. (I learned of a CIA agent, working with McCord and others from CIA, who burned two churches in Washington. The blame was placed on hippies and radicals, "anti-Christ" youth). Transportation provided, private planes, getaway planes, double license plates to switch states, double car ownerships and keys that fit several cars. Illegal wiretaps, electronic surveillance, robbery, forging. Secret meeting places, Safe Houses, places to stay, change clothes, meet in open not-so-bugged parks, under bridges, hotel lobbies, airports, inside taxicabs. Oral instructions; no written memos, evidence removed, final plans made with a nod or sign of the hand.
    7. Removal of civil liberties: J. Edgar Hoover objected to the Domestic Intelligence plans, saying that "our civil liberties would be denied." The plan was never rescinded:
    (1) July 13, 1970, President Nixon approved the plan. Electronic surveillance, "surreptitious entry," breaking and entering, opening mail, and operations still not revealed.
    (2) July 28, 1970, the intelligence plan was "rescinded" after strong objections of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.
    (3) Dec. 1970 and late Jan. 1971, Judge Morell E. Sharp worked inside the White House, going over the plans, because he was invited to head this "rescinded" squad. He refused because of the secrecy. Six months after it was rescinded, interviews were being held to keep it going into the future.
    (4) July 15, 1970, Tom Charles Huston, "author" of the intelligence plan, said that "No one at the White House gave formal orders to rescind the plan."
    (5) June 10, 1973, Washington Post revealed at least 22 covert operations conducted by this domestic intelligence squad.
    8. Ways to cover clandestine operations if detected or arrested: Jeb Magruder told John Mitchell he was going to tell the truth in court instead of perjury the second time around. According to Magruder, Mitchell told him that was fine, but that he was "going to have to take the other route." Keeping secrets is as important to spy operations as ammunition is to a weapon. They are not given away. Methods of concealment are:
    Denial -- Deny all charges. When the denials are proven to be lies, they become
    Can't recall -- Agents are working as a team. Some may or may not talk. Answer to a question with a "yes" or "no" might be contradicted later. "I can't recall" covers the territory. Recall can return at any moment.
    Suicides -- Agents are provided with literal suicide medications. Psychological suicide is to die, as a person, to lose traces with the other agents. You are dead -- from them and future contacts.
    Disovowal -- Gordon Strachan delivered money to Fred LaRue. LaRue, wearing gloves to receive it, reminded Strachan he didn't know him.
    Perjury -- Perjury isn't perjury; it is rationalized as patriotism. Lies are not considered lies; they are necessities to save America.

    "Essentially gossip, nothing evidenciary" -- Richard Moore, Nixon's attorney, never told him about information in the Washington Post or from other sources regarding CREEP, or possible involvement of White House staff in the Watergate Affair. His excuse was that it was "essentially gossip, nothing evidenciary." The gossip could be checked out with the Justice Dept. or intelligence agencies. So long as he didn't bother, it remained "gossip."
    Nothing illegal -- When Tony Ulasewicz was asked by Senator Weicker if any of his jobs for the White House were "illegal," he answered "no." Howard Hunt was asked the same question by the Grand Jury in Washington on May 2, 1973. When asked if he was "aware or did participate in what might commonly be referred to as illegal activities," Hunt answered, "I have no recollection of any, sir."
    Question: "What about clandestine activities?"
    Hunt: "Yes, sir."
    Question: "What about that?"
    Hunt: "I am not quibbling, but there's a difference between something that's illegal and something that's clandestine. An entry into something like Dr. Fielding's office would simply be called an entry operation conducted under the auspices of competent authority."
    9. Allende allegations, Dec. 1972. (United Nations: William Broe, chief of CIA clandestine services in the Western Hemisphere, Proposed to ITT officials a plan to accelerate economic chaos in Chile.
    Broe has now become the CIA Inspector General and recentlv combed its records for Watergate related documents. Broe has supervised a sweep of CIA records to determine whether they contain any further evidence suggesting CIA links with the Watergate scandal.
    U.S. minorities and the unrepresented majority will have to take the same complaints to the UN some day. Our economic chaos at the present time is identical to CIA "planned economic chaos." (AP, San Jose Mercury, 6-22-73)
    Prime Minister Michael Manley of Jamaica demanded that U.S. Ambassador Vincent de Roulet be recalled. He had suggested to Congress they work out a pre-election deal in 1972. Manley was promised the U.S. would not interfere in the Elections if he agreed not to make nationalization of the American owned bauxite industry a campaign issue. (AP, 7-23-73)
    10. Domestic programs to be cut: Fred Malek, Office of Management Budget, called "Hatchet man," cuts off jobs on a moment's notice. Caspar Weinberger, Health, Education & Welfare, known as the "Ax" or "Cap the knife," reduces domestic needs.
    11. Some reasons for secret donations: Coporate political donations are illegal. Favors in litigations before the Justice Dept. Delay in smog, pollution controls that are costly to factories. Keep minimum wages down. Raise the price of milk. Wheat contracts with the Soviet Union. $6,000,000,000 gas deal with Soviet Union. Navy bases on Greek Islands, oil transparts and bases.
    12. Henry Buchanan account: Patrick Buchanan, White House aide, was a close personal friend of Spencer Oliver. Oliver's phone was tapped into the Howard Johnson Motel. Could this telephone be used for the Miami provocateurs? Henry Buchanan, who kept the very special secret account in Bethesda, gave some of this money to Ken Reitz. Reitz was a college director in charge of "hiring provocateurs" for demonstrations. (Washington Post, 6-29-72)
    13. Donald Nixon, "loan from Marriott" after Watergate arrests: Herb Kalmbach needed money to keep Howard Hunt and others quiet. The CIA couldn't get involved at this late date when they were trying to work their way out. There were enough of their consecutive $100 bills used already. Kalmbach went to New York for money. There was a suggestion to ask "Mr. Mitchell or Maurice Stans." Mitchell was staying at the Marriott apartment. Stans had a very close relationship with Tom Pappas, the Greek military junta, and Marriott. Stans praised the Greek dictatorship and conveyed Nixon's "warm love" to it. (Evans & Novak, 9-21-71; Washington Post 5-11-73)
    14. "Why Was Martha Mitchell Kidnapped?" by Mae Brusiell, The Realist, August 1972.
    15. Donald Nixon, Vesco, $200,000 cash, Washington Post, June 6, 1973
    16. Federal Reserve can't find serial number: Washington Post, AP, 4-26-73
    17. Eight persons killed with regard to funding:
    (1) Mrs. Dorothy Hunt -- Carrying $40,000 cash, not $10,000, from Bernard Barker's account. Also with $2,000,000 in securities, bonds, money orders. Killed on Flight 553, United Airlines, Dec. 8, 1972. Mrs. Hunt had said her "husband knows enough to impeach Nixon."
    (2) Rep. W Mills
    (3) Col. J. Webster -- Campaign manager for Mills
    (4) James Glover -- Second in command of W. Mills
    $25,000 in mysterious funds went through Mills' account. He claimed he didn't know where it was from. Two men who would know are dead. Maryland money is important because of the Wallace shooting in Maryland. There are a lot of people who would be paid off or silenced to cooperate with the plans.
    (5) Mr. Taub -- Allegedly working for Herb Kalmbach. Died in Switzerland. He was supposed to have $2,000,000 on him, the same amount Dorothy Hunt had when she was killed.
    (6) Dennis Salvatore Cossini -- Contact man from CIA with Arthur Bremer. Could have provided the money, like Mrs. Hunt, be the cut-off.
    (7) Mrs. A. Topping -- Wife of Andrew Topping, man hired to kill Nixon, $1,000 was paid to a Secret Service agent. This could be traced. Did any of the money come from Watergate money? Mrs. Topping was murdered because of something she knew. She was part of her husband's team. Although her death was listed as "suicide," like Rep. W. Mills, Topping said it was murder.
     (8) Lou Russell -- Carl Oglesby in the Boston Phoenix (July 31, 1973) refers to "the recent death of Lou Russell, an old-hand security cop employed by McCord Associates on the Republican convention security contract. He brought about a dozen checks in different amounts from McCord to Fensterwald's Committee to Investigate Assassinations during a period in which McCord and Fensterwald are not supposed to have known each other."
    18. "Looking for evidence": (Washington Post, 6-21-73) Howard Hunt testified before the Grand Jury that Charles Colson called from the White House and told him to "go to Bremer's apartment and see if there is left or radical reading material around." The night before this testimony, June 11, 1973, Hunt was hurt, beat up in his cell.
    Hunt's attorney, Bittman, asked for permission to review the record of the Wallace story and amend it later, it necessary, because of the possibility of mistakes after the attack. Will he be forced to change testimony to protect the White House and Colson's connections to the Wallace shooting?
    Herb Kalmbach was pouring money into the defeat of Wallace.
    19. Assassination plans for Nixon: "After the martial law they planned to get Nixon." -- Louis Tackwood, Glass House Tapes, Avon Press.
    20. Andrew Topping: Topping told Detective Peter Book that "rightist forces beyond his control caused his wife to be killed." (Washington Post, San Jose Mercury, 8-12-72)
    21. Tackwood press conference: October 25, 1971, New York Times
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    25. Working for Agnew "the man": Harold W. Eldridge helped write the letter in Florida that smeared Senator Muskie. The purpose was to keep Muskie from winning in 1972, otherwise the "man" would not be able to run again in 1976. Nixon had already been President. The "man" who wanted the chance must have been Agnew. If Muskie lost, Nixon would get the nomination in August and win the election in November. If Nixon were killed, "the man" wouldn't have to wait until 1976.
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