Mae Brussell's World Watchers International
Bibliography sheet for tape #386 April 27, 1979   Side 1


 Appeal:   Dec. 4. 1972. Chilean President Salvador Allende went before U.N. "ITT, CIA are attempting to bring civil war to Chile. They are creating violence, economic chaos, and uprisings to alter free democratic elections."
 Result:   Sept. 1973, Allende murdered. Coup planned by German Kissinger, CIA, Pentagon, "Politica" arranged in Cambridge, Mass.
 Appeal:   Feb. 4, 1976, First report to UN that Colonia Dignidad was used for murder, detention, and torture by Chilean police, DINA.
 Appeal:   Oct. 8, 1976, Second report to UN Secret Police, DINA, torturing, experimenting, interrogating at Colonia Dignidad, Nazi nest.
 Result:   Both appeals ignored. Torture, experimenting, killing continues. CIA, USA, German business prospers.

COMPARISONS    Colonia Dignidad, C.D. and Jonestown, J.
 C.D.    7,500 private acres
 J.    27,500 acres
 C.D.    Not far from Santiago, Chile, political center.
 J.    Not far from Georgetown, political center.
 C.D.    Referred to as a "model farm".
 J.    Referred to as a "model farm".
 C.D.    Operated by 250 West Germans.
 J.    Operated, leased, managed by about 250 Americans. Elite corps.
 C.D.    Isolated, economically self-sufficient, remote.
 J.    Isolated, economically self-sufficient, remote.
 C.D.    Their own communications, radio towers.
 J.    Their own communications, radio towers.
 C.D.    Located in a country, Chile, put into power by CIA.
 J.    Located in a country, Guyana, put into power by CIA.
 C.D.    Operated their own hospital, no medical secrets to be shared.
 J.    Operated their own hospital. What done there still not told.
 C.D.    Use of ambulance to remove prisoners, torture, interrogate.
 J.    Use of private planes, removing persons, names, causes unknown.
 C.D.    Own school system, apart from any community. Isolation.
 J.    Own school system, apart from Guyana, isolated.

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